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Isn’t the English Asta far less annoying?


By far the more tolerable one, still gets a little whiny/loud sometimes but that goes with the meh writing/scenes.


Just got the Planetes Omnibuses and I should have got them sooner because the art is fantastic and overall pretty well done. Also holy fuck are they THICC, a lot more dense than I was expecting (just shy of 2lbs a piece).


dropped it after a dozen episodes. life is pain and the mc voice actor should be executed


nah as in they arent making the show to be on the air literally every week or whatever

so they will just stop for 6months-year whatever and then make another season when they have material, unlike some other shows, where they literally make entire arcs of nonexistent content just to keep pushing episodes(like bleach etc)

for reference
Filler Episodes: 33, 50, 64-109, 128-137, 147-149, 168-189, 204-205, 213-214, 227-266, 287, 298-299, 303-305, 311-342, 355


Add to that Naruto, One Piece or any other long running Shonen anime.


ye but bleach is awful lol

probs has more filler than all of dragonball combined


Anything without a defined ending is garbage who the hell wants 700 episodes of something that’s just dumb.


better then prematurely ending

just ask your gf


I really enjoyed watching that anime. It was refreshing to see an art style that was more realistic (normal sized eyes, and variety of realistic body shapes), but it still looked beautiful IMO.

The climax got very intense which I liked, but it felt like the climax just simply dissolved/faded away. All my questions were answered, but it felt like they were answered with oh BTW which really hurt my experience watching it.

Still very good and I’d definitely recommended.


Finally setup my first two nendoroids.

Didn’t realize how many parts nendos came with, holy crap.

Also completely overhauled the figurine display area. Looks pretty hot.

Pics later, sleep now.


Is Nintendo selling steroids?



Never really considered myself a weeb but after watching Sakura Trick my fate is sealed.

Bring on the $200 plastic figurines and body pillows.


What about the alarm clock that says “Wake up, onii-chan!”?


don’t forget interactive cat girl novels.


So you want another copy of Nekopara?


Hatsune Miku holographic AI girlfriend!




@Skelterz I just noticed recently that Goblin Slayer is just a big DnD campaign.