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It’s very much a satire video, not really a in depth analysis. Enjoy :wink:


Too bad.

I’ll have to watch it when I’m finished with work.



Bro I’m so deep into the LN’s you have no idea. I can’t wait til they draw her Arachne form. Not too sure if this show will translate well to anime though. There’s so much text that needs to be put on screen.


What are you talking about and is it getting an anime?

Is it that isekai where a girl is transported to another world and becomes a spider?




It is getting an anime?







but when thou


Around this time I guess?


So the 120th head pat on the Loli Calendar?


Sometime next year sure




Tbh all the anime I’m watching these days are things I’ve already watched. The only new things are the things currently airing which I only get like 1 episode of each per week


Ep 9 of Violet Evergarden felt like almost the end, but there are 4 more eps. Something is gonna happen… ffs I think the feels train might have a VTEC.




Yamete! I can only get so much feels.

Nissan, BMW, Honda Toyota, and?

Ah, Ford?


Nissan be VVL I think. Honda got that VTEC/I-VTEC. My VFR’s gots that. This brings durarara to mind. Them motorbikes were modeled super well in that show.