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Still somewhat sketchy IMO. They should of left it without that part.


It’s what keeps the ending from being a total drag and slightly makes up for the mess leading up to the finale


VIRM isn’t dead, and the next time they come back there’s no magma left to protect earth. It’s game over. Killed themselves for nothing.

I won’t lie I’m still jaded about this anime. Reading the reviews has been fun though.


Trick question, they come back to life through unknown means and tear VIRM a new one


Inb4 theyalldieattheend


Eventually yeah


Wait what? What was that supposed to be? a music video or what?

Not gonna lie, I liked the first part cus it is like the anime version of but after that it is like wtf is this supposed to be, it doesn’t feel like a music video, some weird weeb high schooler’s fantasy then? IDK

Didn’t really even bother with the second one it had no audio and not much was happening

Also how has that not been taken down? It has noods, it’s LEWD AF


Yeah realized it’s missing don’t know why that is

They’re animation showcases collaboration w/ artists


I’ll be honest with you, that animation style kinda gave me a headache, wouldn’t want to watch an anime with animation like that ever.

Also was that where you got your last profile pic from? or was it Franxx?




The last profile pic you had was like this
from that mememe video

Is this what it was from or is it from Frnxx cus it kinda looks similar to the new thing in there as well.


Spent the last hour or so trying to sync up the audio and video I downloaded separately but then it was still out of sync then I messed it all up.
Gave up after trying again then just looked up on vimeo lol

Holy shit, was going through some old shit in my folders
Found the OP holy shit, Kiznaiver had just about finished airing…
Where the hell did those 2 years go…


Unironically I think this is an improvement on that song




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I don’t have this place Favorited, it is just one of the frequently visited places that is on my home screen on chrome so it is convenient, it always brings me to my first post here, I’ve never payed it much attention, until today, I have decided I sounded like a fucking bitch in this, like @TeckMonster is my Pimp and I his bitch, @Skelterz fits into this somehow but I’m unsure where.


What did an anime character die during that music?


It’s the opening to Boku No Pico that’s what makes it 10x funnier.


this is not the case? disappointment.



video title

top kek

I’ve nearly finished with darling in the franxx. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be able to start commenting on it.