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Are you saying weebs are furries?


Ah, this makes so much sense. (soon to be me)

No, trust me, don’t like this one.

You bastards :cry:


Please refer to the flow chart for proper validation.


It’s more is a meme


Yeah, I got that much from this.

@redgek, if I pay you 10 headpats will you actually write a paper on catgirls?


You sick fuck


Why not, I wrote my thesis and it was bullshit too :smiley:






I guess I didn’t specify that I wanted real ones. :frowning:


Okay, you going to quakecon?

Let’s up the ante!


I wish I did. But murica is quite far away and I am quite a NEET with limited budget lol.


Fair point. Oh well, I don’t know I’ll be able to give you the irl head pats.


Do I actually need to do research? lol


Your choice. I think it will be an amazing meme regardless of research, but if we did research and got it peer reviewed, I could probably get Berkeley to publish it.




Cat Planet Cuties
Gatchaman Crowds

There you go, one of those two aren’t trash.


I watched it

Sounds interesting, added to my PTW list


I have no clue about psychology and/or sociology though :confused:

I wish I could write something like that lol. There was an actual paper about aerodynamics of chest sizes in anime or something. Now that’s dedicated weebs.


Holy shit, that’s awesome.

Just BS something then. It will be awesome regardless!


Found it:'s_Dragon_Maid_Character?channel=doi&linkId=5a5ef35a458515c03ee11245&showFulltext=true

This paper has offered a unique compendium of data providing in-
sight into the effects of a specific physiological feature on the aerody-
namic performance of a human. As such, the results have indicated that
large breasts can be notably aerodynamic through the reduction of drag
and lift. The Flat model incurred a 4% maximum drag increase com-
pared to the Normal model, with an average of approximately 2% span-
ning velocities from 1 to 30 m⋅s-1. The Flat model also experienced
more lift, with a maximum difference being 32% and averaging 22%.