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Anyone who thinks tits that big are “normal” hasn’t spent any time around real girls.

But more importantly, this is the best study I’ve ever seen!

inb4 REEEE my waifu is real


They may incur more drag, but flat is justice and there’s no way around it.


I don’t even



You could look up some case studies and scholarly journals pretty sure there is a correlation to physical touch and levels of dopamine. Probably very dependant on the individuals.


There absolutely is, but there are a lot of conditionals. You have to find the person attractive, or at least enjoy their company.


I am starting to understand how @nuke feels. Although I at least don’t need to show myself doing some weeb shit. lol

Maybe I should do a poll about catgirls and weebs and why they like it?

How big of an n do I need lol?


At least 8 inches. I’d go with 3-5, to keep scope manageable.




how I feel about what


Need a sample size of 10 million to draw a conclusion tyvm.
Stats are hard well, data collection is the harder part. What you do with the data is up to you and what argument you want to make.


nico nico peer review


time to disappear and never come back to level 1 techs


you will be missed. well your art at least


Noooooooooo who the fuck is going to illustrate and animate the L1 anime?


We don’t deserve you, you’re too good for us.


These cretins can’t conduct themselves in a woman’s presence


Wait. Who’s a woman?


@Skelterz :grin:


Have you heard this?