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If you’re posting in this club regularly you’re trash. Pretty sure that’s scientifically provable.

pls don’t hurt my waifu weebs, I am just joking


Does that make me not trash?


Not yet :wink:


There is only one song that lives up to my standards

lift yourself, especially the end, I’ve never heard anything more groundbreaking than that “Poopy di scoop”

Loli screemo is getting close to my standards though


I’m okay with this.


Don’t worry, we will convert you soon enough.


For some reason, I imagine you looking a lot like Palpatine right about now.


Don’t stroke his ego


Come to the weeb side of the force, we have Waifus with UNLIMITED POWERRRRR


Call me back when you have catgirls.


This, I’ve never understood. Maybe I’m just not indoctrinated yet.




Nibbling on cat girl ears melts you


No, I want it right nyan!


Dunno what you’ve seen already but

  • A Silent Voice

  • Your Lie in April (This one will curb stomp the feels and you won’t recover for about a week)

  • Violet Evergarden

  • March Comes in Like a Lion.

  • Girls Last Tour (t’s more chill than anything tbh)

  • Orange

  • Kiznaiver



Catgirls? What about Catraps?




Just read the synopsis of this. Damn. Definitely going to be my next watch.


Why we need catgirls

redgek - University of Weebery


It is apparent that a sizeable portion of weebs are attracted to catgirls. This paper’s aim is to provide some insight into this strange affection. The study concluded that weebs of level higher than 2 and with prolonged deficit of time spend with 3D women find catgirls 10 times more attractive.

Figure 1. Catgirls

All studies are inconclusive and were paid for by… ehem
The study was conducted vigorously by redgek in association with University of Weebery.

To read the full study pay 10 head pats.