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Oh boy


Yes, I’m not impressed from the episodes I’ve seen so far.


I haven’t seen many shows with feels…

Big 2 are:

  • Violet Evergarden
  • Made in Abyss

Another one, though not near full of “feels” but a great drama series is Maria sama ga Miteru


o no thats no bueno


I did. Not too much, more of the “normie” stuff, but I’m slowly inching my way deeper down the rabbit hole. I haven’t had much time in the past, but I’ve recently found myself with about 2 weeks that are mostly empty, so I need something to fill it.


I’ve never spoiled anything for anyone, always put spoilers under the spoilers tag.

I’m a good boy, unlike whoever it was a while back who didn’t think old anime could be spoiled because everyone has seen all the old anime.


Waiting for someone to post an anime gif scolding you.


I wasn’t planning on listening to this, but I decided fuck it, I have nothing better to do while I take a shit. Fucking screemo Loli music wtf, I was lmao at that point, my family probably thought I was high or some shit laughing my ass off in the bathroom.


You know it.


I am not listening.




Exactly how I feel about that genre, but when it is done by Lolis it is hilarious


You like it when lolis scream? You sick fuck.


Only on the weekends, and every other Tuesday.


Doesn’t exist. It’s a derogatory catch-all for many subgenres of extreme metal which employ the heavy use of growling lyrics. There are definite differences in those subgenres, but I don’t listen to that side of metal so I can’t go into much detail on the differences therein.

That particular song is in the side of metal I’m not too familiar with though If I had to guess it’d be something like “Kawaii Metalcore” though I’m not sure metalcore is the appropriate genre.

Edit: I stand corrected…

Though it’s not what most people refer to as "screamo. More popular usage of the term still falls under what I said earlier.


In other words metal is trash


You’re trash


Tell me something I don’t know


clearly, this: Metal is not trash.