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I’m back!

For reasons, recommend me some feels?


like sad feels?


what do you want tragedy, drama?
Here are some non stop feels trains
Your Lie in April
Violet Evergarden
A Silent Voice
Wolf Children


Eh, anything goes, I guess

Sounds good.


edited last post


Thanks my dude, I’ll be checking them out!


there are plenty of others but I can’t think right now


Feels = Evangelion


like wolfs rain?


Ay, don’t forget:

  • Angel Beats
  • Anohana
  • Orange (this one is debatable though, some crazies here didn’t like it)
  • Plastic Memories (I always call this one plastic memeries, idk why cus there ain’t a single memable thing in there)
  • WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?
  • Elfen Lied had some feels
  • Made in abyss
  • Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

I know more, but I don’t feel like going through all my 7 rated anime, cus there are lots of em on my list.

Here ya go


Haven’t seen that since it stopped airing on adult swim but the box set is starring me in the face…


I was bored and thought I’d give Musical Girls a try. Wtf do people like about idol anime?


okie lol

for @sgtawesomesauce

forget how much anime stuff you watched think you came in asking for some recs before?

but dun have that much stuff seen with feels really

wolfs rain(some stuff they are wolves but people see them as people usually, some crazy wolf hunter guy after them, they dont really have a pack/home they have all their own back stories, some kinda ominous gov/powerful group trying to capture the person they like worship i guess is a way to put it, them on some specific journey to bring them to a specific location)

welcome to the nhk(is some comedy and stuff in some episodes, but fairly depressing/some pretty low point moments but mostly just dark/cynical kind of feel i guess since the comedic moments)

soltyrei(some more specific feels relating to parent child relationship stuff, but also pretty decent overall, is some joy/happy moments and stuff)

nabari no ou(bunch ninja shit but some stuff with kids family/some new guy ends up being like a older brother to him)

eureka seven(not in a sad way mostly, but more does have pretty good amount emotional moments/moments of conflict between main characters and stuff, but big range of emotional stuff)

cowboy bebop(has little bit, some specific episodes/moments, back story with spike and jet, faye even a little bit, but not that much stuff)

forgot a thing lol

basilisk(more ninja shit, but the whole romeo juliet thing, 2 people from different feuding clans, has a slightly cheesy ending that tucks in there with a nice proverb kind of thing, but alot of battles with weird powers and stuff)


if you wanna watch it might wanna watch it before joel banks or someone spoils it for you,

for a small spoileris a pretty specifically notable ending, i mean they just go for it, but it worked

one of them shows you can get ruined/actually spoil it if you look it up or someone just says it


I vaguely remember what happens but not specifics, I own it so i’ll watch it eventually


Best ending theme this year


im super excited for flcl progressive is it over already?


I need more music like this in my life, language doesn’t really matter.


Get your feels fix in 6 minutes right here.

It’s a music video, but if you understand the story it’s an absolute feels trip. I had to watch it a couple times. It also tells the story in the description. Very very good IMO.

I’d also strongly recommend A Silent Voice, despite the teen drama.

I noticed no one suggested Clannad yet. It’s very slow paced, but the feels are very present. Gets much better in the After Story.

I have much more, but I’m supposed to be working, so they’ll have to wait.


sinsekai yori