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Found such a tastful wallpaper but I can’t use it cause I go to college and have to sit in public spaces :frowning:


Dear lord. What is this


The harbinger of our deaths.


For those of you who don’t understand sarcasm, that was sarcasm.


Shit guys,I run out of likes to give. Also y’all hentai as fuck.


dear god,

FBI take me now pls.


It’s actually a good show imo.


It’s lack of narrative is annoying


Bah. It’s just the story of Kaos-chan’s journey to finally get a serialized manga, but saturated in cgdct. It at least has a goal in mind unlike Nichijou.


Its on my ptw and watch list, just need to start it,


This took me way too long to get


Flagged for nudity


If an anime girl is naked in the woods and nobody sees her, was she really naked?



Of course, also a possible intro to a doujin.


I can almost guarantee you that it’s already been done. It is Japan, after all.


You’ll have to wait til I get home to find that.


God damn my right hand hurts, from doin a little somethin somethin :wink:

Find out real reason why

Learning this on piano
and this right here
requires a big hand or some shit, my hand was stretched out so much for a few minutes while I was trying to figure out how to do it, didn’t figure it out in the end, octaves aren’t that bad but when you have to fucking have your pointer finger on a key near your thumb, that’s just damn near impossible




Get jebaited

I edited it, just felt like posting the first part by itself while I edited the rest in


If you’ve got two feet and two arms, play this one:

Apparently you can do it with just two feet:

here's the original scene. Spoiler Free

inb4 gay