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Wish I could play piano… brain doesn’t do well with the similar yet different movements with both hands. I’ll stick to guitar I guess.


Aw hell nah my guy lmao, that shit’s impossible. I’m still learning piano lmao

Learning one hand at a time is easy enough, I can do it in an hour or two per page (I haven’t done any really hard songs yet so it’d probably take longer once I get to those), but then putting them together is a whole other world, and that is if you’ve heard the song many times. for example, I have heard the spice and wolf song on piano probably around 30-some times, but when I try a much simpler song that I’ve never heard before I have no idea what I’m doing even after watching my piano teacher play it for me.

Me too lol


Man, at some point I’m gonna get a piano teacher.


im the opposite of u lmao

i started on piano and im okay-ish

tried guitar and failed miserably


can’t find the sheet music for it on his website, got a link?


There is a link at the end of my post


also that’s an arpeggio so you don’t technically need to reach all the way, just move from bottom up and it should be good enough. Maybe mix in a little pedal to help.


just kidding I lied mb lol

Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t seem to get it right when I tried that moving my hand rather than having all my fingers on the keys to roll em. Like I don’t do play them in order fast enough to get it right ya know?


Darling in the FranXX game???



Wait a minute, I’m confused is tokyo ghoul root a not canon?

I have no idea what’s going on, I just watched the first 2 episodes, I probably just forgot everything that happened in the first season lol.


it goes off script from the manga in a big way but ends in more or less the same way


If you’re able to could you explain the characters and their relationships and who they are? just the important ones since MAL characters are still down.


Honestly don’t remember √A, do you want the manga tl;dr?


I’m just talking aboutl ike basic stuff like who is the purple hair chick and who is her “boyfriend” and what’s up with the college that it keeps being brought up. just her character for an example but I mean like the main people in the beginning


Which purple hair chick?



the one who is going to some college and talks with a brown hair chick

yeah her


That’s Touka (Rabbit), the girl who brought Kaneki to the coffee shop


who is Kaneki, is he the person who keeps being referred to as her boyfriend by her friends?


Kaneki is the fucking main character