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I saw lizard sex


I was trying to find the anime to that gif, it took way too long, but when I did find it just to make sure I looked up that characters name (since MAL is still broken trash) and clicked on the youtube video, it was the dub,

Ye be warned

and holy shit that anime’s dub sucks Palpatine’s wrinkly old man ass hole while it fucks Yoda’s wrinkly green anus.

I needed to give you the most horrific visual so you understand what that trash dub did to my ears.


Do the cats in March Comes in Like a Lion talk in the subbed version? I generally don’t like it when animals get voices, and the dubbed voices for the cats are all wrong. Most cats think they own the world and look down on everyone and everything, or just can’t be arsed.


Yes they do, doesn’t really bother me

They just say cat things, not giving exposition or some shit lol


Black Bullet. Another one for the dropped list.


Interesting concept and pretty good humor but very mediocre execution.


It’s the same for the manga. The bug arc is right where the author went on a huge hiatus and the transition between the tournament and the bug arc was extremely sudden and jarring. Havn’t read the manga in forever, but it’s definitely one of my favorite shonen manga due to its sheer brutality given the genre.


In the anime greed island is before the bug arc


ehhhhh it’s been so long man

looked it up. I remember none of that from the manga


Welp fuck… to many things on my read list now.
For my Daughter, Mahouka, Goblin Slayer, now Overlord…

@Skelterz, I am very curious how the author is going to be able to keep track of this what seems to be a continually expanding world based on what I’ve seen with the anime so far.


Sí, I still find those arcs enjoyable but as a while it’s mess.


I’d say it pulls off a less refined version of FMA:Brotherhood when it comes to dealing with many events going on at the same time. It kind of reminds of how Avengers: IW was handled really, since the movie was so condensed while trying to do so much.


yeah but FMA advances the plot with its individual arcs, Overlord hasn’t done that yet and in more of an Attack on Titan fashion has only added confusion.


I think one reason why we haven’t seen much in terms of plot advancement is the character flaw Ains has with his hesitation to decisively act. He seems to be more interested in the growth/preservation of his servants more than anything.


I don’t think it is that, but rather that he is overly cautious. He’s like one of those people in strategy games who takes a long time to build a large and powerful (or just powerful) army to wipe out their enemies in one go, as oppose to those who build multiple armies and slowly whittle down their opponents.


that’s fine but it’s a drastic turn from season one and led to a pretty boring overall season.
don’t get me wrong it had plenty of enjoyable moments but the peak of the season was pretty meh.


Best part of season 2 Lizard sex


i’m pretty sure that blurred out text says lizard sex


Says he’s only watching trash since he already watched all the good stuff
Loves Overlord and is possibly one of his favorite
Says best part is Lizard Sex


You kinda answered yourself man.