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AMD pulls a fast one huh?


I saw that, but I’m mostly thinking of whether the YouTube Tech Press will bother noting this.

I’m going to play cynic and say no, they won’t.

I don’t think it’s a good thing, but it’s hardly new.


Gamers Nexus probably will if enough people talk to them about it.


Fairly sure that chart is wrong. At least for the 940M.

Looking up a chipset table shows 940Ms were all GM108 and no 940M is hitting 17.36 GP/SEC. Thats 960M territory

Regardless though both vendors do shady shit and rebrand. Neither should get a pass whenever it happens


Also Steve has a hard on for shit talking AMD. Though in this case pretty well deserved


Alright I’ll bite. Hell I’ll argue this one.

Lets look at popular games, right? CSGO. Not that big, can be played with a 512MB 9800. Dota. Not that big. WOW, HOTS, Starcraft… Not that big. I played Overwatch on my 2gig R7 370 at high perfectly fine. GTA5, not that big of a deal. LoL literally uses 600mb of GPU space. Skyrim was built to run on literally anything and I get 60FPS on my PX7900GT.

So going from there, mhat do we have. Witcher, maaaaybe assassins creed, whatever the hell that one game is that is cell shaded and you’re some spoopy castle guard avenging that kids mo- dishonered, uhhhhhhhhhhh… Doom, the new quake… But those have a vulkan mode so those will run well on anything. Then you have ram caching which I’m not sure how often thats used anymore and you can’t argue that its slow because everyone and their mother thas building a PC right now has to have 2.6GHZ ram or higher or they’ll die.

So, what, you turn bloom off and drop the lighting a little bit. Oh no the game is ruined. No, you play the fucking game. And trust me, people play more than modern AAA titles too. Lots just want a PC to turn on and stream PS2 and xbox games, others just want something to push to compute chips which is what I bet made this “tragedy” happen.

Seriously, this isn’t that big of a deal.


RX Vega explained.


Alright it’s not that big of a deal, heck, I am use to playing with GPUs much worse than even a nerfed 560. In fact, I sold off my R9 390 and now stuck with an R7 360 and for laptops, until my Raven Ridge laptop comes I am stuck with Intel HD graphics.


Dude this is nonsensical rambling. This isn’t an argument. Basically this just reads as a rant against all new hardware. We know you’re bitter because you can’t afford new stuff. Sorry. But seriously this in no way addresses the issue or argues any point.

Some old games can run on shit hardware. Who would have guessed…

I’m not gonna respond to you anymore. There is no point.


… Uhhh, do you want me to get you a 390X? They pop up in shops on sale over here a lot and you aren’t that far away XD


Newer games can too though if you sacrifice a lot of settings. I got GTA V to play on a Surface Pro 2. Witcher 3 was 20 FPS at the lowest settings and doesn’t take that much more to reach 30 I imagine.

An RX 550 and GT 1030 would be fine, I just don’t recommend it from a price point.


His points are very clear to me:
Most popular games do not have high requirements
Most people just want something to play the most popular games


Uhm, no you dense motherfucker I’m pointing out games that run fine on even 2gig cards. That 370 is in my mac pro to be used for video farming now. I have an 8gig 580 because I was fucking lucky to grab that before they were 800 fucking dollars.

You want to bitch about the manufacturer when literally they are doing the best they can to have stock for people that aren’t coin miners. Are you fucking kidding me? Pull your head out of your ass.


I sold it off so I can afford said laptop. I travel quite a bit and am more comfortable on a laptop.

I don’t have the money at the moment and if I did, I would wait for Vega 28/32 to launch.


But my point was about Vram consumption and how buying a card with 3GB of VRAM at that price now in nearly 2018 makes no sense…


Well if you want I can. The pop up for like 200 flat, even on craigslist.


10 years ago 256, 380 something, and 512mb was normal. Top kek bottom frag my guy, look at the ramp up of requirements.


He hates BS. And he’s pretty much a no BS guy. He “wrecked” Kaby Lake-X for it’s pointlessness, and also rightfully so.


14.6% people running 750ti´s
76% of steam users are at 1080p
This has worked for quite some time now, why should it stop all of a sudden?

2 & 3GB VRAM should be fine! Game devs just need to stop trying to load the whole damn game in the video memory!


I agree. Generally agree with his conclusions too. Sometimes though I think he goes a bit far.

Gonna leave it there tho. Don’t need to take this thread off the rails even more haha


Where the fuck else are you going to store it? Do you actually like your frame times under 50ms each?