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AMD pulls a fast one huh?


…and since 2017, actually planning on what you need when is not possible anymore? 2017 minimum is 32GB VRAM with the option to stream in more textures from an external 12TB NAS or what?


Silly hyperbole doesn’t really do anyone good.


I see you got my point.


Your point was about only loading what you need. The technique is called culling and almost everyone does it, but it still doesn’t really get rid of the problem: Textures and shit either have to exist in video memory or the heap, and any time you remove stuff from video memory you still have to shunt it from system memory into vram every time you look at it, just for the sake of keeping usage numbers low.

I’d much rather keep stuff in video memory with hundreds of GB/sec bandwidth than a PCIe bus that can (maybe) do about six, with lovely interrupts and other garbage to jam it in there.

You can’t expect massive fidelity, details, poly counts and other top shit in your scenes, not expect it all to require massive vram, or be slow.

You can have it look great, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.


I got one of the 896 stream processor one and didn’t notice until it arived. NewEgg had the 1024 stream processor one on sale for $99 down from $149 and when I went to buy it it had sold out so they had the 896 stream processor one they were selling for $109 marked down to $99 and bought the wrong one.

Heh, I don’t want a Vega 56 this bad.


I did I similar post a while back. I agree steam stats are rubbish. Most steam users are gaming on less than 4 cores and integrated graphic and 1080p is the bare minimum you can buy.
We are tech enthusiast that game on real hardware. For every one of us there are 10000 people who buy a laptop and install steam to play a few games.


First off, the GPU market is stagnating now because AMD isn’t pulling it’s weight there anymore and is only able to sell to miners. Then you got the price of the good GPUs like the RX 570 and 580 jacked up so bad that they aren’t even worth it anymore when the RX 570 use to crush anything under it in value.

This is not entirely true, for years AMD where banging out superior cards but consumers kept buying nVidia. They couldn’t keep it up forever and now we have choosen our own fate :frowning:


Could be far more insidious. Ghost compute cores.
Indicated in GPU-z but not functional. Most people would never notice without extensive testing.

May or may not have been done before. I really can’t say :wink:
All parties guilty.


I know I sound stupid, but 3gb is enough for me especially when I got a 7950 for $50 and its running great in most games. Keep in mind, I am 12 and still don’t understand a good chunk of what is being discussed here. However, getting a 560 and it not reaching its full performance, is not okay.


I heard this excuse but even though it sounds like a pro-AMD excuse (and it kind of is depending on context) there is truth to this.

Gamers for the most part didn’t really want AMD for the GPUs.


inb4 b&

I disagree, take pubg for instance. If you try to play it on a 750ti you’re probably not playing at 1080p. LoL, you would have to turn the settings down quite a bit (I wish they didnt update visuals on shit, certain champs tank my FPS even on a 1070). Overwatch had mouse lag with settings turned up on my 960, though that was when it was new.

Sometimes you just need a little horsepower because the optimization is shit.

I would argue that most of the games you listed are popular because their requirements arent that high so most can actually play them, in turn people dont get better hardware. That and the gameplay is good.


An early access unfinished game with a broken render engine that has a hell of a time performing on anything, yes go on?

Uh, no. I can literally play this on my thinkpad’s HD3000. Its not hard to run. Actually, DOTA is more a pain in the ass to run because they have so much detail in the game. At that, do you need to run LOL at max? Does that take away from the game at all? If you have a card like a 250X, yeah you will have to turn that shit WAY down because the core can’t handle all the effects all at once. R7 370? It doesn’t care. Especially if you have tweaked your card a bit or got one of the pre overclocked models.

Yes and its significantly cleaner now.

I don’t disagree. PUBG for example :stuck_out_tongue:

Counter strike has never not been popular, its based on quake. And the gameplay is similar to quake. Just because its easy to run doesn’t take that off the list. WOW is easy to run, I’ll give you that, but HOTS, Starcraft, GTA5? No those are difficult to run, but are also CPU Bound games. DOOM might be hard to run, but from what I’m seeing from the nintendo switch that thing MIGHT run on a printer, I have no clue really I only played it at an event I was invited to.

How the fuck can you not run LoL at max?


“Either clearing inventory or a mislabel by the sales company”


I wonder if this sorta thing happens when raja isn’t around, specifically. Either way of our argument here, he’s GOT to be pissed XD


In general I’m going with Occam’s razor. Someone messed up and now everyone is jumping all over incomplete information trying to come up with their own hypotheses.

In china it’s called the RX560D (Downbin) - it’s primarily to clear binned dies that didn’t qualify as RX560 16CU Units but did as 14CU Units. Coincidentally it also helps cover GPU demand in the budget price range.


And europe, russia, dunno about south africa, probably japan but I don’t feel like sifting through their GPU sales sites atm.


@Aremis I mean, i could say the same thing about NN

Getting mad over Slow internet is stupid to me. If you wanted more speed/Bandwight/data Cap you’d have bought a better internet plan.


Doesn’t really sell here on any large offical sites. And if it does it’s the weird Chinese cheapo brands.
Like “Yeston”. Which are filthy cheap. But more on the filthy than the cheap side.


Ah so you’re in SA? Good to note.

Someone was pointing out 560D’s in europe yesterday being sold on newegg and stuff.


Side note, look how fucking adorable this little machine is:

Oh my fucking god I want one so badly.

Anyways, Rakuten.JP seems to have them, but I notice some of them are noted as RD-RX560. Do other countries have other notation for their sales?


Regardless of price drops and whether or not people think this is a big deal, I still don’t like business practices like this. Yeah, it’s nowhere near as bad as Nvidia with the 970, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I don’t think things like this should just be swept under the carpet, “Oh, it’s just an entry-level card, who cares”, “Companies do this all the time, it’s just business, man”.

It’s up to the consumer to keep companies honest. Give them the inch that is the 560D and they would have taken a mile with something else.

It should be noted that AMD released this exact card 5 months ago in Asia under the actual name “560D”, so they could have avoided this whole debacle by just calling it that in the West, but for some reason they decided not to and instead went for a sort of bait-and-but-not-quite-switch.