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AMD pulls a fast one huh?


I am afraid the only option to let them know is to not buy it. Actually, I would love to see AMD stock up and beat Intel’s and Nvidia’s butt. If they only wouldn’t do stuff like this…


10-15 FPS is a big difference on a low end GPU that won’t pull as many frames as something like a GTX 1080.

First off, the GPU market is stagnating now because AMD isn’t pulling it’s weight there anymore and is only able to sell to miners. Then you got the price of the good GPUs like the RX 570 and 580 jacked up so bad that they aren’t even worth it anymore when the RX 570 use to crush anything under it in value.

It’s pretty shitty for AMD to do it to the only GPU that is going to be worth a damn to normal consumers now that the RX 570 and 580 are out of reach.


Looks like we are going to have to hang on to the Lesser of 2 Evils game a bit longer but that ain’t gonna help much without a third option.


Would not say lesser of two evils. The “downgraded” RX 560s are labeld as such (RX 560D), the 1060 3GB does not have a “un-ti” appendix.


Apparently they announced the RX 560D in July for miners. But if they silently changed the SKUs, that’s when you can get mad.


Interesting, because I have seen many calculations that shows that the 3GB 1060 has by far the best dollar to FPS ratio at 1080p. That said, If you can get a deal on the 6GB or 480, by all means, go with those cards.

Here’s a nice explanation of the differences:


Hardly. I mean that theres other cards that do just as well or better for cheaper or to be found for free.

If they did this with the 250X and 260X a 9800GS or GX2 would have wiped the floor with them and those are 20 dollars.

Come on guys this isn’t that crazy. If it was a mixup in manufacturing that happens, if they’re clearing old stock of chips oh well people can learn to overclock. Getting mad over 5-10% of performance isn’t worth the effort. Is it scummy? Not really, not to me. Theres better things to get flustered and triggered over, such as Net Neutrality not existing in a week and panic downloading your favorite youtube channels (like I’m doing right now).

Focus your efforts on something worth while right now, this is tiny bullshit.


I would. How often does AMD pull shenanigans compared to Intel and NVidia?

Intel labels i5s and i7s as Quad Cores but they have Dual Core SKUs.


On the mobile end, yes. They try to justify hyperthreaded dual cores on mobile as i7.


Ain’t it too hard to just download a favorite youtube channel? I know Net Neutrality going away is a much bigger issue.


No I have youtube-dl its not hard at all.

Sorry for derailing minorly, theres just bigger shit than this.


Yeah I know, also youtube-dl isn’t really going to stop you from needing to search the video.


You link the channel.


It’s heavily dependent on price. The market right now is so messed up that it may be messing up my conclusions.

I think my biggest issue is just the VRAM. 3GB is not enough. That really hurts the card Imo


Can I argue that if you are buying a card this low tier, even a 1060, you’re probs not going to play stuff at 1440P ultra? Or you might. The 970 was 3.5 gigs and that thing was getting jizzed into everyone’s build.


I was curious about this too, so did a quick Newegg comparison of all three ASUS cards, and yes, the real 560 is the most expensive:

However, it’s also only sold by a third party at the moment. So that doesn’t help.

Edit: same situation with Powercolor:


I can’t wait to hear what GN’s Steve will say about this cause it’s blowing up like wildfire…

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We’ll see if it gets any context considering the other manufacturer… or whether AMD is considered, once again, the sole manufacturer guilty of “rebrandeon” tactics.


Even 1080p these days can go over 3GB.

The 970 vram issue was downplayed and it was also years ago. Games have changed.

Besides when other cards are available around that price with more VRAM it makes it a hard sell


Apparently not, cause Nvidia did it first…

This was in a Reddit thread:

Model   Code Name   Architecture    GPixels/s   GTexels/s   Mem GB/s
GT 730  GF108       Fermi           2.8         11.2        28.8
GT 730  GK208       Kepler          7.2         14.4        14.4
GT 730  GK208       Kepler          7.2         14.4        40.0

910M    GF117       Fermi           3.1         12.4        14.4
910M    GK208       Kepler          5.13         9.2        14.4
920M    GF117       Fermi           3.1         12.4        14.4
920M    GK208       Kepler          7.6         30.5        14.4

940M    GM107       Maxwell         17.36       34.72       28.8
940M    GM108       Maxwell          9.41       28.22       14.4