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AMD pulls a fast one huh?


This caught my attention yesterday on a Reddit post. AMD really pulls a fast one on us by trying to cut the Stream Processor count on the RX 560 somehow thinking nobody will notice. Didn’t even just call it an RX 560D which would have been more okay.


Its a 560, its a budget card, who cares?


ppl that are on a tight budget?


Just following Nvidia’s lead I guess?

I’d bet they’re old 460 chips with a new BIOS. Gotta get rid of the stock somehow, even if it makes people butthurt for not looking at the specs first (does anyone building a budget PC not do this?).

I don’t think it’s an ideal situation but I’m not angry about it. Maybe calling it a 560 LE or something would’ve been better… or RX 555… RX 550 Ti? :joy:


The only people I can see being mad about this are bitcoin miners and they aren’t consumers they’re just cunts.

This article is irrelevant.


No one is mining bitcoin on GPU’s any more. cryptocurrency miners may be more appropriate :wink:


That reminds me of MSI’s GTX 1070 cards which where either shiped with Samsung or Micron memory. It’s just the industry doing their thing again. AMD is no different here.


They sure as hell aren’t mining on 560s either…

Either way this is really damn shady of AMD and if I were a consumer buying one of these id be pretty irritated.


I don’t care about the intricacies. Its all bitcoin to me.




You think it is totally acceptable to sell two cards with different performance under the same name without informing the consumer?

Aremis I know you’re an idiot, as you’re deftly demonstrating now, but come on this isn’t cool.


Didn’t realize that was the case I hate translating sites because it always uses bing.

Ok then, sure, not cool. But to the average consumer who knows they are buying a 580? Getting mad over 10-15 FPS on a budget card is stupid to me. If you wanted more performance you’d have bought a better card. And TBH it’d have been better to buy a 1060 3G than a 560 in the first place.


10-15 FPS is a huge amount. Budget or.not if you’re expecting that level of performance, have read reviews showing that performance, than get something significantly different that is a big deal…

Maybe they don’t have the budget? It isn’t about more performance overall rather getting there performance level you thought you were getting…

Those aren’t even remotely close in price or product tier and the 1060 3GB is a horrible deal. No one should buy that card


No you would have bought the card that works for you, and instead you get cheated out on performance.


That’s like saying that mid-tier and low-end cards shouldn’t exist because there are faster cards on the market.


Was wondering why some etailers were listing two different RX560s… This explains a lot.
Would have been nice to call it RX 555 or RX 560LT.

560 costs 100 to 160€
580 costs 280 to 400€
1060 6GB costs 340 to 400€
1060 4GB costs 220 to 260€


Not that budget. The only better cards that didn’t get completely price fucked is the GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti.


They are the biggest consumers, even so I am sure a gamer is gonna care (and they should) that a LOW tier card got even lower.


Just looked up some prices.
Seems the RX 560D ones are cheaper than the regular RX560 cards.


It’s going to keep happening if we let it.