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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


Love that german engineering. Hope it comes with a fire suppression system.


It is fairly easy: Safe operating current 16A, operating voltage 230V AC
Nominal power 3,600W


The secret to our wires?



I realize an electric space heater can come in at 2.5Kw and run all day…But intels workstation is half power for the PC and half chiller so it doesn’t catch fire and there not intergrated. So if one fails all that wet papper towel inside intels uber system is kindling.

Only joking it should blue screen :slight_smile:


Here is the thing: You can hook up both of those things to one outlet.
The chiller pulls 1kW max and the PC had a 1600W PSU.
So feel free to add a few drives, a monitor, soundsystem and a mini fridge. :wink:


Sounds like a dev’s epic setup…With a mini fridge and chiller


Still trying to wrap my head around that chiller being made to cool 660 gallons and being able to move 1056 gallons per hour, and them bolting it onto a motherboard.


Intel’s finest engineering. xD


The fluid does nothing but move heat, So its still CPU 1kw. Chiller cooling 1Kw Fluid movement > specific heat transfer over time.

Like metal. Water can carry heat fast. So as long as it gets cooled its balanced easy. The limit is cooling capacity not how fast water can carry heat. Wel that was until intel decided 1kW CPU’s where the next big thing in workstations and laptops and power savings are for wimps.



Begun, the core wars have.






I’m still genuinely interested on the boost clocks for the 24 core and 32 core Threadripper 2 parts. I’ll likely go for the chip with higher boost in lower thread counts for my virtualization workloads on 3466mhz memory, assuming the dies are Zen+


AMD said they target 250W TDP
As for Intel, who knows?

The Performance per Dollar and Performance per Watt will be the battle, not king of the performance hill.



Scotty on 5Ghz on 28 cores without exotic semiconductors:


Oh it is nice to see people copping on and shitting all over this after the first days of rampant sensationalism.

Q4 gonna be sad for Intel.


Add a zero :smiley: