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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


Dear hello One and All,
This just in: Intel is currently working upon a warp capable chip which surpasses and obfuscates any and all potential uses for quantum computer chips on a universal scale. This clearly explains the current lack of any useful computer chip allegedly being pulled from current stock bin parts.
Behold the omnipotence of Intel.

“Don’t hate the player.”
“Hate the game.”



Absolutely agree on this. I wonder what materials are being tested on at the moment.

Also i’d like to see a Threadripper size die with only 8/16 and the rest of the surface be dedicated to graphic and HBM memory. Maybe even have the HBM be shared between the cpu and gpu.


Well we have Apple’s latest workstation.

Intels lastest Workstation. Comes with one free box of absorbent paper…Replace daily or warranty void.

Amd’s lastest Workstation.
Just put our new Threadripper2 chip in your existing system. And enjoy 32 cores.


I almost miss my 750D


I agree me likey.

Would be cool if they would bundle that with the new TR2 sku´s.


sold separately rumours of $100 ish give or take $20


Wouldnt be too bad for a decent aircooler that could cool a 24 core TR chip.


Im pretty sure these would destroy the @CES Wraithripper RGB OMG…


possibly but it would be close.


Because one fan and a closed housing with RBG > an only ugly cooler with 2 premium industry fans ?


heatpipe count fin density CFM of the fans all of these things matter with out a direct comparison its a toss up. hard to say with out spec sheet with all of the info needed to do guesstimate math on.


So my pretty sure these duel fan coolers would destroy
hard to say with out spec sheet with all of the info needed to do guesstimate math on.

I agree we are guessing :slight_smile: I could be wrong. Lets see.

P.S I hate computex…all hype no facts…Pumps people up for a let down.


computex for me here is whats coming out before the end of the year possibly maybe. dont look for specifics just know this is coming look out for release when we let you know if its good or crap.


I can’t wait to see what ridiculous price tag intel slap on their 28 core.

I’m betting on say $1200-1500 US for Threadripper 2, 32 core (Depending how aggressive AMD want to be - but it is essentially 4x binned ryzen 2000 parts on a package - so 4x binned ryzen 2700x cost plus some fat…). Given intel want $1k US for an 18 core, their 28 core is going to be massively more than that.

In fact… the 28 core xeon (which this new CPU is based on) is currently about… $13,000

That’s not running at 5ghz…

Intel are between a rock and a hard place. If they drop the price of the 28 core to be competitive with AMD threadripper 2… not sure what that is going to do to their xeon market…


This is once again assuming they are actually thinking of selling the thing. They almost certainly are not.

It was a headline grabber and it worked.


for compute/server workload amd seems better option at this time.

pros for amd

  • more threads
  • more pci-e lanes
  • more cache
  • supports more memory
  • has 8 channel memory - faster than intel counterpart.
  • runs cooler
  • cheaper
  • no performance loss due to recent security patches (meltdown, specter - intel cpu’s lost like 20-30% performance in some cases like SQL.)
  • uses less power than intel - but not that much.

intel pros

  • better turbo
  • single thread performance (about 5-10% faster than amd’s thread - but depends on type of compute)
  • Optane memory support
  • Faster L1 cache.

amd should get them deal for blade chassis with ibm, as they lack ecosystem there.



I want to see professionals next year running intel workstations pushing 500-1000W 24-7 through there desktop workstation and fingers crossed that cooling (that needs 500-1000 watts cooling capacity) does not fail :slight_smile:

Of course out of your wall power outlet 2-2.5Kw power plus display and peripheral needs. Lets say a lazy 3Kw wall socket to run your intel workstation.

Life span on a CPU running monstrous amps nonstop. Well the demo CPU only costs $10K Just buy a spare one.



So… standard issue socket in Germany?