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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


Pushing the boundaries of Moore’s Law is the point we’re at in this day and age. Despite the quantum chip technologies we’re just now beginning to explore on an applicable level. Stagnation is the only logical course left once Moore’s Law has fully effected any further developments in regards to current chip technology… Until the quantum chip industry exits the fledgling state of development.


We’ll never have a Personal Quantum Computer, it would just be something like mainframe renting with the cloud.


Which validates Moore’s Law even more so once current chip technologies reached their final boundaries of technological development.


I wonder, because I simply do not know enough, if there would be any performance benefit of having one memory per CCX, instead of 2 on only two of them.

Also it shows some confidence in their Infinity Fabric that they think it will be okay shuffling memory across it at speed.


Best comment ever


Intel is currently in soiled trousers mode.

Their large monolithic die 28Core Xeon parts (Skylake-X) are extremely difficult to manufacture at volume due to the number of silicon defects per die. Hence they charge a massive premium for these chips.

What Intel has done here is demo a batshit crazy OC’d Xeon 8180 as a sort of ‘hey look what we can do’ demo to keep investors and fanboys happy while quietly running around in a panic on how they’re now going to make real on that promise.

Intel is silently shifting towards a MCM CPU design just like AMD and they’re playing catchup while putting on a show to keep relevant.

But don’t believe for a second that Intel has committed themselves to any promises. Their computex presentation was nothing but a word maze of maybes and demoing technologies unrelated to Intel engineering.

When Intel announces a new CPU they don’t keep it hush hush, they go all out. Nothing of this ‘classified’ nature. Theyd hold overclocking competitions, press conferences and proudly parade their new tech infrony of everyone. Intel management loves to brag about technology leadership.

And this year from what I saw, AMD was doing the bragging, particularly with having a complex large die GPU core with 4 stack HBM on 7nm.

Intel execs are frothing at the mouth.


Meanwhile at AMD…


But… But… Glue is bad for CPUs. We would never stoop to such a thing.
Literally announces a week later they are going to “glue” desktop parts together in to server dies like they shit on the previous week.


Classic PR tactics. Intel is very good at pushing their own products by careful & selective management of good and bad press.

I reference you to the AMD Athlon days. P4 was behind in every possible way and yet Intel PR turned it into a win. :slight_smile:


Blue man group is all I remember.

I was hoping for a base 4ghz+ clocked 8c 16t part. Maybe a later announcement?


At some point soon there will be a 2 die(4+4) 8c/16t and a 2die (6+6) 12c/24t part much like the early core 2 quad chips. :wink:


Pretty sure Blue Man Group was Pentium 3.



I was thinking of these ones.

But you are right. They did a few it seems, also for Centrino.


I fully expect there to be hardware to properly cool those 32 core beasts. Remember block/air cooler makers have had a year with this platform. My guess is AMD let them know a 32 core variant was coming 4 to 6 months ago so they have had time. They have also had plenty of units out in the field to gather data from for further refinement of block design. 4.2 GHZ will be impossible on air, but water I think it’s doable and certainly if they employ the Intel CompuTex solution shouldn’t be a problem.


So much for LTT

16phase vrm 2000w of power Oh god


Can see it now, Intel is going to have a Brack Friday Bunduru for its new 28 core, 5GHZ monster:

“Classified” Chip
“Classified” Motherboard
Fittings and waterblock

All for the low price of 8500 dollars! What a steal!

In all seriousness, mostly… as long as people don’t care about having the wool pulled over their eyes this will be a “win” for Intel.


Pretty sure you dropped the leading 1

LMFTFY 18500


That’s because its a Brack Friday Bunduru, while supplies last of course, which there will be 1.


Amazing what a ten-minute rant gets you when you have the largest tech YT channel… Almost makes you wonder if it was calculated that way. :thinking:

Haven’t watched it