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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


It’s not the Q4, it is the “it”.
And I am not talking codenames but performance metrics.

I can edit too. :rofl:


Oh it won’t be a 5GHz part out of box(maybe single core), but that hardly matters.


Well, that was literally all that was shown.
So what matters then?


That they have a 28 core that outperforms AMD in several metrics?


It does? Really? But then again I’m sure it does at 5GHZ.


Yeah, literally one. :rofl:


There’s only one king :wink:

I’m not picking sides, Threadripper 2 will probably be more successful than X499(?) and I take my hat off to AMD for this competition.


Yeah, you are. :wink:
Which is fine.

I said what I think. I am also not in the market for HEDT stuff. So, I’ll leave now.


3k Seems super low for a 10k xeon part


If you take away ECC, 768GB/1,5TB RAM support and multi socket you’ve already cut out the customers who would pay 10k.


They really should enable ECC on HEDT computers imo, ram multi socket w/e but ECC should be like AMD capable on everything


Agreed, but won’t happen with Intel.


I wonder when their i3s get to 4/8 or 6/12 if they will enable ECC on them still

Intel's 5ghz 28-core CPU is vapourware

With this chiller:
And confirmed over 1kW power consumption.

Way to go!


how much is the chilller, need to spec out that rig they used /s


$417 and $733 on the Athlon XP 3200+ and Athlon 64 FX51 when they launched. Was about $95 more to buy them though if they were not in a computer.


I’m thinking they just cheery picked the best sample they could get and overclock the hell out of it because they strapped a Phase-Change Cooler to it! Threadripper 2’s demo is all on air. I can see why AMD isn’t talking about clock speeds. AMD probably has more realistic clock rate and they think the Intel 5Ghz demo will steal their thunder if they just told us they had a a really good clock rate of 4.2 Ghz on all 32 cores.


Already some threads discussing this CPU Gamers Nexus calls BS on Intels 5GHz 28 core CPU


Nuh uh! It’s real man! It’s REAL!


Yeah, real expensive and probably only in lab. I bet that’s a xeon engineering sample that intel threw out over half a mill in chips just to win that silicon lottery and run one 15 minute demo just to say “Fuck AMD, we have 28-cores at 5 Ghz! Also pay no attention to the phase change cooler”.