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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


Maybe the chip will be 8000 but with a free chiller so customers can actually get the performance they promised at CompuTex?


What promise?

Tech journos just took a few facts and ran with it without even checking the cooling solution being used…


Lol they don’t even giver you a crappy chunk of aluminium any more with regular desktop parts.

I am just surprised the TIM did not boil and leave an oozing mess down the motherboard.


What TIM? :wink:


Ah they have advanced to Air cooling then…

Taking a page from credit cards:

Announcing Intels new contactless cooling keknology.


Promise that you too can have a 28 core, 5GHZ chip. Tech press didn’t obfuscate the actual solution, Intel did.


Imo it’s more the press’ fault than Intel.
Intel couldn’t win the core race like they did last year so they showed the metric they know AMD can’t match. Call it what you will but it was an excellent marketing stunt.


Which is really all a convention is, regardless of who shows up.


I’m just impressed that there’s a 5GHz* 28C/56T part available.
Last time I was on HEDT anything beyond a 6C/12T was not even spoken of, there has never been this amount of competition in the desktop CPU market and I’m loving it.

*yeah not 5GHz on any regular setup I get it, chill.


Definitely going to be a game changer.

By next year 10 core 20 threads is going to be the new 4/8 lol.

M.2s for everyone is next on the agenda


I don’t think it was that excellent of a marketing stunt, the people who would buy this product now know its a complete scam, they won’t get anything close to what Intel just showed. Frankly it left a LOT more questions asked than it answered.

Intel KNEW press would run with the raw numbers hedging their bet that few would ask their questions, same way AMD got the scam from Viceroy with Viceroy hoping no one would ask questions. In the former no one really did, it was just ermagerd 28cores, 5GHZ… the in the latter it was shut down in hours.


Pfft, Intel’s TIM is great… its absolutely certainly positively bigly going to be used on everything they do.


That is not true, people who can afford this CPU does not think like that at all in my experience.(me included)


All intel has left now is clock speed and its going to use that advantage to the full.

But as the core count goes up, clock speed will come down (under normal cooling conditions…).

Damn… wish gpus could be as interesting as cpus are right now, the role reversal is crazy (e.g gpus = boring, cpus = excitement)


I’m just waiting for the 1180 Ti so I can have 4 digit cards on all systems lol


According to Dr. Cutress of Anandtech the 32(and 24 core) threadripper will be a bit handicapped by having quad channel memory. Intel might have an advantage if theirs has hex-channel.

On EPYC however, there are eight memory channels, and AMD’s X399 platform only has support for four channels. For the first generation this meant that each of the two active die would have two memory channels attached – in the second generation Threadripper this is still the case: the two now ‘active’ parts of the chip do not have direct memory access.


whats preventing AMD from releasing x499 and just enabling 8 channel with some firmware updates?


Nothing, but if they were going to they would have said so. Even AMD has to do some product segmentation. :wink:


As a reference for the topic this might be helpful:

I can’t find a full video for the Intel presentation, only this. (timestamped)

And here the TR2 demo from AMD which was a livestream. (timestamped)

Like @RevampedTech already said, that Intel claim of “in Q4 you’ll be able to get it” is simply a lie.

My thoughts: One company has a product to show, the other one doesn’t.
End of story.


Why is Q4 a lie?
Even though we are saying it was an Xeon P, it could also have been a Cascade Lake X engineering sample.