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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


It worked, incredibly well.


With phase-change cooling and we don’t know how many chips they threw away just to make that demo.


Right, but it was perfect for Fuck AMD… it worked to perfection.


Well, we live in a different age of social media where the Streisand effect backfires. Remember when the “Glued together” propaganda was made?


I think people can be equally excited about AMD and Intel


Wow, they were fucking savage


AMD Smash Intel!



The way I see it? If you have AMD already, stick to AMD. Invest in a platform and keep it till something significantly better comes along.

To hear that all cores were 5GHZ, but to run it on a motherfucker of a rad to even do that sounds like too much of a pain in the ass.


I use Intel myself by personal preference.
Though truth be told, Intel came completely unprepared for the above.


Loki: I have a binned unlocked 28-core Xeon that’s cooled by an air conditioner that the general public will probably never see.

Tony: We have an air cooled Threadripper 2.


Intel, unprepared and more than likely sitting far too comfortably upon past laurels. That is all that can be stated in this particular case.
And the bright side… Being caught unprepared should suffice enough as motivation to produce something newer versus an already produced chip from their current stock being marketed as new.

As I stated before, I have a personal preference for Intel over AMD. Yet the fact of the matter is, AMD has something better on the market at the time of this comment. And since I refuse to be a slave to “fanaticism (read fan-boy),” AMD rules the roost this day.


That cooler tho… thicc…


Kyle needs to make a second version of this video.

I’d like to see it Yu-Gi-Oh Style.

Intel: I Summon my 5Ghz 28-Core CPU Monster to attack your lifepoints directly

AMD: Not so Fast, I activate my Gamers Nexus Bullshit detector Trap Card

AMD: I’ll announce TR2 to release in Q3 without talking about the realistic clock rates so you don’t steal my thunder.


TBH I would put that in my system…


amd vs intel?!


I was just about to ask if people seriously thought that it was true. It’s Intel. Should be enough to know that it’s obviously bullshit.


The Waifu of your Intel lacks the proper Intel.



So the real determining factor is: what kind of performance are we going to see from thread ripper 2g?

I know they stated “similar to ryzen second Gen” but is there going to be hardware that can cool 32 cores running at 4.2ghz?

I’m starting to think we are running into thermal boundaries with these chips. A couple years ago if your system pulled 200w for the CPU, that was a serious overclock pushing the limits of a binned chip. Nowadays, 650w is seen on most high core count chips. It’s insane!


I think we’re doing the best we can until we can get more exotic semi-conductor materials. If we can get some graphene CPUs, a Raspberry Pi Could do realtime raytracing.


cooling should be easy as all 4 dies will be used on the 32 model (8 cores * 4 dies = 32 cores). this will just spread the heat out over a greater area.

Kind of. Have to remember stuff like threadripper 2 is the newest of the technology and has not yet had a chance to be refined into something that would be considered mainstream.

The technology has also been increasing the amount of heat we can just dump out of a CPU. Not only in the cooling technology but the ability to just dump voltage and just crank out the clocks