A Couple of People Arguing

Install arch instead.


This. > Arch

  • person wants to use security focused distro
  • recommends a distro that shipped a malware laden .iso at one point

checks out

That's a bit of an irrelevant argument, isn't it? I'm not going to never use Linux again because Dirty Cow was a thing.

If you think it's still a concern, then look into what the cause of the issue was and whether it was resolved. Don't spread ignorance.

You are on a ball busting warpath today arent ya.


lmao you bet

@Jeol I didn't say not to use linux, I just pointed out that Mint might not be what the OP was looking for, seeing as the Mint distro maintainers are drooling incompetents when it comes to security. Literally any other distro would be a better recommendation in this context.

(also it was obviously a joke. I mean, come on now.)

I mean, if you're talking about issuing security updates, then you wouldn't recommend fixed release distros to begin with, so I don't think Linux Mint is spokably worse than other fixed release distros fundamentally.

If you're just saying that because someone hacked their website to host a bad iso, then you should really be checking your sigs anyways when you download anything.

You right, ad hominems are funny

I mean, hes just flappin his dick in the wind. Dont let him rustle you too good.


I wasn't name calling or attacking anyone's character with my first joke, but please, continue to crush me with your massive intellect. Your buzzwords prove you to be a true scholar and philosopher.

You mean to tell me that you don't find it funny or even a little ironic that he recommended the only distro to have something this egregious to happen on a Kali linux thread?

"drooling incompetents"

I'm just trying to prevent misinformation.

dropping discussion.

P.S. nice edit

I was not arguing. Man this is the last time I agree with @Adubs



I was clarifying my message.

So you're saying that letting your primary method of digital distribution be compromised via just plain not doing things correctly is something you'd characterize as competence?

just because it's mean doesn't make it false.

Nothing I've said is misinformation, you just don't like it.

vOv vOv

oh look, they adopted common best practices after letting something completely preventable happen, because they weren't implementing said best practices. How absolutely competent.

This is negligent enough that it would have gotten litigious if they were selling anything with their distro.

GJ Debunking me, you truly are a giant among men

Step 1: Some one says a thing about a distro

Step 2: Suggest a different distro

Step 3:


life comes at you fast


Not a bad thing with some proper reasoning behind it (ive offered alternatives before with a reasoning of why it may help them) but the topic was specific, and i moved all of this really because of the rest of the "discussion"

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I'm going to come in here and subscribe to this thread. I am very much interested in a discussion about distributions (as long as we can leave ad hominems out of it (I didn't see any original, and hope to not see any in the future))

I fall very much in the "You should never ever recommend Linux Mint," camp.

Fixed release distros aren't a problem, as fixes get released on a schedule, and exceptions can be made in the event of critical flaws. The problem with Mint is that updates are...quirky I guess would be a good word. As mentioned in this article,

Mint does indeed receive its updates from Debian and Ubuntu. But kernel updates do not happen via the GUI updater but rather have to be done at the command line, and some updates are just straight blacklisted citing compatibility reasons. Another interesting point in that article is about how Mint has adopted Ubuntu's LTS schedule. I've heard numerous times in this very forum, bashing on Ubuntu for being out of date compared to other distros, and yet Mint flies under the radar while literally being just as, or further out of date, depending on which piece of the OS you're looking at.

I'm open to the idea that I don't have the full picture here. But from this vantage point, I don't feel like there are any advantages to recommending Linux Mint over Ubuntu.

Oops. Took me too long to get this posted. New stuff was posted. Will read.

I saw totally reasonable suggestions prior to mine but what followed was a complete derailment. My bad.

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this is my fault. I couldn't help making the joke. the Irony was too palpable, and I forgot some people have no sense of humor.