Please! Help me! Wendell and level 1 tech forum. Amdgpu-pro driver install on Kali linux

Hello forum. I need help installing amd drivers. I have a AMD Randeon Rx480. Please I need a step by step tutorial. Wendell should make a video tutorial about this topic, I have google for many hours now but it all point out to Ubuntu and RHEL only, event on the amd wedsite. But this time I am using Kali linux for the first time. Please help.

My specs.

Intel i7 4770k
16GB of ram
Sapphire Nitro Radeon RX 480 OC

Kali is designed to be a niche production/teaching tool, not a desktop OS. The last release was half a year ago, and the maintainers do very little testing outside of the prepackaged network tools.

Not to be discouraging, but if you have trouble with something as basic as this outside more user friendly distros, you should probably stick with them until you are more comfortable with the environment. You'll have no end of problems otherwise.

If you insist on using it on your desktop, just look up how to install the drivers on Debian. the process should be very similar on kali (it's basically just debian with network tools preinstalled iirc)


Is there anything specific you need the pro driver for?
If you don't specifically need opencl then you won't need the pro driver.

Just to echo this individual, Kali is more designed for burn purposes, meaning you put it on a flash drive and it "just werks" then when you're done you sanitize the flash drive or bury it in your back yard... not necessarily for installing and running it as a full OS. It -can- be done of course, but it's just a pain.

It pains me to say it, as I love both Linux and AMD cards, but AMD's Linux drivers are in such a huge state of flux right now, it's rarely worth the trouble to get them running over the open source drivers. Given that the use case is Kali, I'm guessing you want the drivers for hashcat purposes. In which case I'd recommend just booting into Windows and doing your cracking there.

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Did you try what was shown in those results?

I want to take a moment here and say that while kali is cool. None of the tools featured in kali are specific to kali. Meaning you could get these tools on any distro if you really wanted. In fact there is a tool (katoolin) just to add everything that is in kali to other distros quickly and easily.

For me kali is more of a multi tool to keep on your keychain (and boy do I) than it is a usable daily. Its not to say that you cant use it as a daily but I would think you would have better luck using another distro and getting your favorite tools working on it.

I would seriously consider something like ubuntu/mint and using katoolin to get things working like you want.

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Thank you all, for all the response. I would go back to Mint. But first I may try elemetary os first.