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Well I am contemplating a 3D printer... at least 7"x7". though 12"x12" would be nice, heated plate, and possibility to upgraded to multi extruder. I have zero experience with 3d printers, though I would not be against putting one together... I saw an original prusa i3 mk2s which has an upgrade to 4 extruders, which looked pretty sweet. I would like to keep the price less then 1000$ canadian, but 500$ would be prime.
Anyone with a decent amount of experience in 3d printers out there who can guide me to something as such? It would be cool if it could print metals like copper etc... I have seen some of these but it looks like it is fairly new stomping ground.
Any ways all advice and guidance is appreciated.

Here in Australia you can get the Prusia 3+ from Aldi for $499 (probably sold out when it arrives). Which is around 370usd, I hear you can get them in USA for 349 from places. They are a decent printer and upgradable.

Makers Muse on YT talks a bit about cheap printers in many videos, am sure you can find one to your liking.

I myself have 5 printers, however 2 of them are SLA and won't arrive until another few months. The only cheap one I have is a Delta Mini 3D but I don't think it can be upgraded to dual unless you go the Y filament feeder route. (was 230usd to door, as kit)

If you can get a flashforge clone (often CTC make them) for cheap then there not too bad and have lots of people making upgrades for them, plus enclosed which means easier abs/pet printing.

$299, thats a steal: They are not perfect, but because so many people have them you will find lots of little trick upgrades on thingiverse to make them quite nice little enclosed printers.


Just note the $299 don't have the perspex windows on the side, or front for door. You can make them yourself however or buy them as a little upgrade later down the track. I think the MK8 extruder is better then MK7 ones but not sure exactly on difference.

Oh and the images on those ebay sales are comical, you will unlikely get such spectatular results without serious effort and upgrades (most are free from thingiverse). Some of those images appear to be SLA prints, but for the price thats what you get.

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I have one of those but without the multi-material upgrade (which is still in testing phases anyway)

its amazing

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ unless you DIY

might have to rule that DIY option out

you will want a hardened nozzle, particle filled filaments chew up brass nozzles

also muh thread @Positron linked

Positron is trying to sell a 3d printing service, however thats not what the OP asked. He wants a printer below $500, which isn't going to get you anything amazing but there are plenty of choices, I mentioned a couple.

With what you are asking is essentially a highly modified i3 clone

anet a8
wanhao i3+
stuff like that

so , what about this one? Is it any good?

I am looking for the prusa i3 mk2 in Canada. If i get one from the states it will cost an extra 300$ just to cross the border... you know FREE TRADE... and not to mention exchange.

Seems like a normal i3, however for a DIY kit it seems a tad high.

I can get a 3d mini kossel kit for 200-230usd. Which has 220mm circular build area.

This looks interesting:

Prusa clone but it looks to be better built, and on promotion. (similar to Anet A8)

Ya that is about 429 dollars in Canada assuming I found the right Kossel kit.

I would get that one I just listed, 350cnd delivered, has slightly larger build volume then Prusa. And it looks better built and has a spool holder.

Ya that looks nice... Is there any real value in auto level? I see another one like that with auto level on it for only 20$ more.

its helps but you still need to fine tweak levelling sometimes. $20 more is fine to pay for the feature, I'd do it.

What do you guys use 3D printers for? I'd be all for it but I can't justify it for the sake of novelty alone and I really can't think of any practical reason for me to have one at this moment. What am I missing?

Prototyping, part replacement, 3d print farm (in progress).

I just received my $279usd extruder upgrade kit (for modus), VERY small package with VERY high cost parts inside.

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Custom containers for arduino projects, Plastic gears and parts that can't be purchased anymore. More so then anything, "just to see if I can" build it, have it working properly, and successfully use the item. It is the same reason I use Slackware, or teach myself to build iPhone Apps, or any other form of programming. I will never know until I get one.

Check out the CR-10. I love mine

300x300x400mm print volume with a heated bed. They come pretty much pre-assembled. I got mine from Gearbest, only took a couple of weeks to ship from China.

This is nice and has an MK10 head on it. Huge foot print as well, and still under 1000$.

Yeah its pretty good for price, the external display and power supply will be annoying to move when you move the printer but its only 100x100x100mm off from my Modus footprint which I paid over double that for. (and still needed a extruder upgrade for reliability) Thought mine is dual.