YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes Take down educational hacking videos

I'm posting this here in hopes that they talk about this in the next show (BTW great show). A channel I watch a bit on advance technology how-to is Eli The Computer Guy. He posted a video 3 or so years ago on how to "hack" a html box to tell you the passwords. It's basically you do a inspect, and change the HTML to not hide the password. Below is a video that someone copy and put on their channel.

Anyways, on the 22 YouTube took down that video and gave him a strike. He has a screenshot of what they sent, and it's stupid.

It basically says they are taking down the video and giving him a strike because it "encourages or provides instruction for technologically malicious activity."
The problem with this is it was an educational videos. This means stuff on my channel, nearly all channels that Linus is apart of, the Tek Syndicate itself, and most others are apart of can be hit for having a 100% educational video. This also forces people who actually know how to prevent others from hacking or modding from actually telling others how to protect their systems.

BTW, if this or at least this problem does get mention on the show. Can you help me out by giving my channel a shout out.

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We've had this happen. We contest it, and it was dropped. It's nothing new.

Likely someone reported the video. It happens.

I've had it happen to me once before, but that's not the problem. YouTube says they manually look at each report. Then they go one way or another.
The other problem is the smaller the channel, the more screwed they are.

Because of this, I think the major tech educational channels need to put their foot down and actually talk about this. Otherwise this abusive relationship with YouTube is going to keep happening.

Not always I saw how a channel with over a millions of subs was taken down by Youtube. Later the guy running that channel recover it with a lot of bootlicking and changing a lot his content to be more... Youtube friendly...

I love Eli the computer guy. So very knowledgeable, His videos were one of the first I visited when I Installed Linux

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Sad day


oh wow. This is why I wanted to have the big tech channels actually talk about it.

Again, this abusive relationship with YouTube is going to keep happening if this isn't talked about.

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That is so messed up. Can't blame Eli for leaving.

Perhaps he should do the videos on Vimeo or some other platform and then every time make a short one on Youtube to tell people where they can watch the actual video.

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Damn ! He's leaving youtube?! Will he take down his videos or close his channel? His videos were very informative

I've always been on the lookout for something better than youtube. All I publish are personal vids I can send to my family.

Vimeo is decent

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Last time I tried it I would have to have a pro account to upload my videos. They have some very tight restrictions on upload file size.

If you watch the video, he is keeping up the videos. But he is going to focus less and less on the YouTube stuff.
Basically, he feels that he put way too much work into this to just leave it.

But, he is also moving on to a podcast.

I faced the same exact problem.

BTW I think people are taking the wrong message from this. The entire point of me making this is to get people talking about how the YouTube policy, automated system, and lack of an ability to get ahold of a person needs to change.

The good news is I talked to Linus about this on his stuff. He said he was going to talk about this to YouTube. But, I have a feeling he is going to push for YouTube to fix Eli's problem. Which would mean everyone else starting up or not would still be screwed.

in the last video I uploaded (one video a year), I use a couple tracks as mood ambiance music in the background; I have plenty of other audio over top of it. Sometimes I also extend the tracks by repeating choruses etc.

Anywho, in the last video, even though I always use very obscure music...

  • I don't have rights to monitize my video (lol, not like I was planning on it)
  • There are multiple companies that have rights and the control to monetize my video at any time. LUL, it's my family and stuff... kinda a personal family journal video that gets about 50 views/year. Why would they want to do that?
  • I need a better platform than youtube.

Yeah, I'm working a 13hr tonight so I'm just listening to podcast, I'll catch the vid when I get in the bed, I perfer podcast really, his work is much needed, great contributions.

Honestly YouTube will do what it wants. It's there space you operate in, and considering that there's no formal agreement [ Like Vessel ] in place to iron out those wrinkly topics, YouTube will continue to do as it pleases. It made a ton of money luring people into contributing to it's ecosystem in exchange for exposure and changing the rules mid way through the game. Sure there are people who made serious money, but the heart of that system are the content creators who put out quality work and get pennies on the dollar.

Content creators should band together and form a Video hosting site catering to different genres and reap the benefits.

Eli was one of my early tech followings on youtube, sucks to see this. I started to watch Dondoes30 and that was taken off pretty quickly... Youtube will not be a resource for pentesting education from the looks of it.

I'm looking into the future.

Another video sharing host becomes wildly popular because they allow more than teletubbies with teletubbies commercials to run on it. That host is quickly taken over by the FBI and used to gain access to millions of subscribers information to be used for prosecution in computer terrorist actions and copyright infringement.

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I see hints of this more and more...

Youtube is a great place to put trailers.

Click on the video and get forwarded off to your own website where you can upload whatever the fuck you want.

Well, something happened. Uploaded ~ an hour ago.

Also yeah, Youtube needs to sort this thing out. Being able to talk to a real person in situations like these needs to be a thing.

E: Still watching the video. But anyway, around the 16-18min mark he tells that out of the blue the strike went away and he's channel is in good standing.
Yet no contact whatsoever from Youtube. Nothing, nada, zilch.

What happened was the linus thing. Basically I asked Linus the same thing as I asked here. (to talk about this on their upcoming show. That away a conversation could start.)

He said he mailed someone at YouTube about this.

I've e-mailed Eli on all his e-mails telling him what was going on. I don't know if he didn't see the e-mail, or he is just ignoring the fact. (I'm thinking it's ignoring. He doesn't have to thank me, but he should at least thank Linus.)
But even in the e-mails I sent him. I told him that he needs to tell the other big YouTubers to start talking about this stuff.

But it's not uncommon for YouTube to not reply back to the channel they screwed over, when a major channel asked them to fix it. However, I agree that YouTube should've contacted him, and this is the exact thing I'm fighting to fix.
There is no reason why there is no way to contact someone within YouTube, unless your like Linus and just happen to know someone.