Your views on life and death

Hey Logan, Wendel, and everyone else on the forum! I (and hopefully other people) want to know your views of life and death. I would ask friends BUT I wouldnt want them to feel awkward or anything by putting them on the spot. At least thid way you hsve a choice to answer. I'm also asking because lately i've worrisd about death a lot, and I dont think I'm the only one, so if people talk about it I think it may make people feel better about it. I also want to know what you think death will be like or what makes you not worry about it. Thanks to all who answer. :)



Btw, sorry about it being so disorganized, I sorta came up with this all on the spot, and this might not be the right forum topic.

You should be scared about your spelling; not death.

William that wasn't a very 'productive' response lol...


As for answering your question TheAlmightyBaconLord, I will certainly do so tonight when I have more time and am not at work. This is a question which you can devote a massive amount of deep thought to, whether you should or should not do that though is the real question.

Unproductive and slightly disruptive yes; but it is true. I am more worried about correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar than I am death.

Lol sorry, yeah its very disorganized because I came up with it all on the spot. And sorry my auto correct on my phone has been dumb lately. Sorry about it :p

You must be in good shape lol.

This thread is bound to go into the wrong direction eventually.

Death is a fact, a constant, and will find all of us. This is fact, and must be accepted. Why live life in fear of reality, of something you are, in the end, going to face? You can fight it, you can prolong it, but you can't stoy it, and you can't prevent in. Live your life how you like it, but live it the way you do because you honestly want to live that way. Don't let a religion you don't believe in force your lifestyle, or outlook on you. Live a happy and kind life because you actually want to live a happy and kind life. As an athiest, I proudly enjoy my life to a full extent, and not because I do it in fear of eternal damnation. All things must come to an end, accept it. Live your life, and enjoy it, but don't, for one second, live your life in someone elses' eyes.

"If all our days are numbered, why do I keep counting?" - Brandon Flowers

Don't worry, be happy :). Death is wrong, life is wrong. I think you will be happy when you realize that this is not real ;).

But seriously, there is so much more things to worry about.

Life is just a shit load of luck. The fact we're even sitting down here typing on our boards is pure luck that resulted from a load of coincidence's. Life can't be defined and life can't be given a purpose. Life is there to be lived out until you reach your death.

Death is just eternal sleep. Sounds good to me, I'd rather sleep for infinity than wander around for infinity, at least you're not aware of time passing by.

"If all our days are numbered, why do I keep counting?" - Because he don't know :).

What is reality? Your reality is not the same as my reality. My reality of yesterday, is not the same as my reality of today, and will never be the same as reality of tomorow.

Fact is, that you don't believe in God (or whatever) because you don't know, not because you know. Fact is also that people who believe (true believers), believe because they know.

But you are right, he should not force himself to believe in something if he don't believe in it, he need to see by himself, and for that, he needs time. He might never see it, therefore, he should never believe in it.

Also, i need to quote you on one thing (to correct you if you don't mind it :)). "As an athiest, I proudly enjoy my life to a full extent, and not because I do it in fear of eternal damnation." - Never, and i mean never, base all religions on one or few religions (whoa re btw corrupted). In early Christianity (and some current ones), there is no such thing as heven or hell (as the concept widely known today), that was added by Romans in latter texts, and spread like a plague. 

I know not all religions are based on a system of afterlife, but I don't believe in any of them, personally. I live my life because I want to live it that way, not because a religious entity or belief system wants me to. That is probably a better way to word it.

I really hope they sort this whole death thing out soon...

I won't be able to give a shit about anything once i'm dead, so i am not afraid of death.

Yes, i know, not everyone (or most ppl) are  religious because of morals, in fact, when i was an atheist, i did same as i do now. Religion is interesting feild to study, most ppl talka bout it, but they didn't even scrathed the surface of it, and, as anything other, early forms of religion can, and now, are corrupted in most cases (of not all).

Whoever likes history for example, it can't go without religion, no matter if someone wants toa ddmit or not, it played big part, and still does, and a lot of positive things came out of it (negative also ofc.). Spreading of literacy for example as fundamental thing etc.

im taking this from camus but life is like a painting, death is just the final stroke.

I would love to talk more about this later, or in private, but the forum is not for religious debate, so I will keep it short.

Yes, religion is a major, major factor in historical importance. There wouldn't be modern Europe, or modern Asia, or modern anything without it, but the change it brought about was not always beneficial to say the least.


I can't disagree, it is truth. But that goes for everything, people are people ;).

I am an atheist, you die is over, there is no hell or heaven or eternal punishment.
I have a friend with muscular dystrophy and the difference between Lou Gehrig's Disease and muscular dystrophy is that muscular dystrophy you are born with it, This friend was diagnosed with it when he was 6 and he started to use clutches at that time, when he turned 10 he was in a wellchair, when he turned 20 he was bad, but not that bad because most people when they are 20 and have this diesease they are almost in a complete vegetative state and most people die when they are 25.
This friend of mine is 28 years old and still alive and kicking. He died already 7 times in his life and was resuscitated. I asked him, what happens after you die?
He said: Nothing.
So IMO, good luck with your faith and the time wasted with religion.