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Your thoughts on the Epic Store

Since this store has been around for some time now I wanted to hear your opinions on this store. Have you purchased any games there? Are you using it?

Personally, I haven’t been using it thus far due to privacy concerns. However, some games in this store look interesting and while many will be released on Steam later (Control, The Outer Worlds), some may not be (Quantic Dream?).

Also, do you know of any way to block Epic Store from spying on the user? I doubt a piHole would be enough, but I’m curious.

I said this on Discord a few times before and I’ll say it again: I don’t get that argument.
I know there was this reddit post with the supposed “proof” of EGS spying on the users but from what I know this has been thoroughly debunked as well. Basically everything listed in that post was either necessary for the store to function in the first place, or a result of using CEF.
Steam is doing the same thing and that is fine somehow :roll_eyes:

As for the question at hand:
No, I’m not actively using it but that’s not due to concerns or whatever, but just because there’s no games on it that interest me. I got the free games each week if I was able to, but I never installed the client so far.


Don’t get why this would be a concern if you’re using other game stores.

For your question, its ok, has some ways to go I think and if they stick at it will hopefully provide some incentive to steam to innovate further.

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I think there already is an epic store thread but whatever… Here are my thoughts…
Complete boycott of it. I don’t have an account, I despise their practices, I despise their anticompetitive and anticonsumer behaviour, I despise all the developers, that grabbed the sweet sweet epic exclusivity money.
I don’t like anything about it.
That’s it…


I got an account so I could have transistor for free. Don’t have a decent gaming computer though.

It’s fantastic. The Outer Worlds was legit 8/10. Better than Fallout 4. Basically Fallout NV/4 with a Mass Effect skin on it.

I get a ton of free games. I think every time I log in decent to damn good games are being given away for free.

Great competition. Valve has had a monopoly for too long.


To be fair, you don’t like anything about a lot of things, including multiplayer games and first person shooters, yeah?

How does that make epic games store garbage any better?

  1. It’s a joke
  2. You hate everything so your opinion on this is null and void
  3. EPIC store has been better than Steam lately

Ah… My opinion doesn’t line up with yours, so … good…

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I dont really care about it, just yet another game launcher/store. I dont use it because muh linux. But while i have reservations about accepting more shitware into my life, i wouldnt rule out installing it were it to come to linux.

It’s just a joke, dude. From The Lounge? We were saying the other day how you hate everything with multiplayer.

It’s not from the lounge… It comes from another opinion thread where adubs came and started yelling at me for disagreeing with his opinion.

Yeah, I guess I tend to react harsh, but EPIC really should not be rewarded for all the bullpoop…

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I agree. Buying exclusivity is not something that people buying games should support. Especially when Epic are buying games which had been crowd funded, or which had been advertised on steam. Its fair enough when EA or ubisoft make their games exclusive to their stores because those are their games.

Competition is a good thing and I agree that there needs to be more competition with steam. But that’s not what this is. Game developers should be free to choose how and where they publish their games. If epic want to give them a bigger cut and thus the game gets sold cheaper on their platform than on steam then that’s great, or the developer may choose to only sell their hame on epic, that’s fine too. But epic giving a sack of cash to developers to make their games exclusive is no good it’s just going to devolve in to everyone buying out the developers and that’s not going to do anything good for you and me.


Not using it, because i already have enough stores that offer the stuff i want (GOG and Steam).

I’m not going to install yet another store’s software purely for Borderlands 3.

If they offer the ability to download and run their content without their software, well… maybe. Is the client software mandatory?

Only for download, most free games i have collected doesn’t require EGS to run, I only notice Yooka laylee impossible lair, even if i directly execute the game’s binary it still launch EGS.

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agreed to everything said.

In my eyes, EGS is just a glorified fortnite launcher with none of the features steam offers (returns, cloud saves, or the community workshop and market).

I would take valve over epic, because the money they make from steam is used to develop other ventures (VR, Photon, in home streaming). The only thing epic does right is developing the unreal engine and keeping it relatively free and open.


Unpopular opinion:

I hate having multiple launchers as much as the next guy but i don’t mind epic. The way theyre getting their exclusives are toxic as he’ll but the devs get more of the money so that’s nice and at the end of the day i dont really have anything against using Epic

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I personally hate it because of the exclusive.
I won’t use it, i don’t want to have to jump between multiple launcher, especially since my windows is headless. It don’t fit in my setup which is basically 90% steam in home streaming, and it don’t have native linux support.
Therefore, a piece of software who purposefully remove game from steam, and don’t have what i need to use it, is my enemy.
And any dev who decide to go exclusive to any platform doesn’t deserve my money stair at Satisfactory

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i wasn unaware any games from epic could run without the epic launcher so thanks. is there a list somewhere?

on topic

the epic store as a product sucks. it is inferior to every other service. as far as im aware it’s doing many of the other anti consumer behavior like always running, and paying for exclusive titles that other companys are doing.
as a consumer i do not see having exclusive titles as a reason to use a service, but as a reason not to use said service because they are actively denying me the choice of which service to use by paying for a exclusive.

if you have a monopoly on a title then that is a monopoly because one title is not equal to another. the only reason anyone gets away with this monopolistic behavior is because copy write muddles the issue and the government is too busy fighting over which oligarchy gets to rule to actually govern in the best interest of the people.

in a market of monopolies, the least number of monopolies is in the best interest of consumers because they are all monopolies and can engage in monopolistic behavior regardless. when there is a single monopoly you do not need duplicate law teams, server farms, ect and presumably at least a small portion of that saved cost is past onto the consumer. i am loyal to the monopoly that treats me the best, in the hopes the others will go away and i can once again buy all my games from a single service that treats me and the other consumers the best.