Y40-70 | How do I know its using the DGPU?

I've never had a laptop with switchable graphics before. I assume its working as it should, but how do I know that tho laptop is using its M275X? Is there a tool I can use that will show me?


Edit: I now hove a bigger point towards this question as I had just played league of legends and the highest stable number I got in the first ten minutes was 140FPS and the rest of the game was at 20.

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Sysinternals suite has a program that will tell you. Also, you can download something like MSI Afterburner and it'll tell you on the screen overlay the GPU usage and clock

But your issue you described, sounds like thermal throttling. Check/ monitor temps. If high, you can try reapplying better thermal paste and/or cleaning out the dust. Also, verify all cooling fans are spinning.

Seems odd. Fans hardly spin up and the unit itself seems cool enough.... Maybe a driver issue.

Use the MSI afterburner screen monitor overlay for your game so you can see what the GPU is doing in terms of temp, clock when the fps drops.

nvida control panel

Uh mate...

Pretty sure the M275X is an amd chip...

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Yeah R9 M275X. First laptop with GB worth of VRAM :O

Wait no AMD is just a meme no one really uses it right?


I used to own a Y580 with HD4000+660m, and nvidia had an option for showing GPU activity in the task bar. I don't know if AMD has a similar option, but I'm willing to bet they would. Also don't know if they have the nvidia-type control panel option of forcing some games to use the actual GPU (since it runs on a whitelist, so some games like Rust would run on HD4000 by default).

Best of luck to you!

Just run GPU-Z and start logging the results while gaming. Also did you make sure to use the driver made by Lenovo? Many people using switchable graphics had issues using driver downloaded directly from the GPU manufacturer website.

Update: Installed windows 10 assuming it would jut grab the correct drivers. Got in a skype call with video, started playing league of legends. Instead of the solid 150 I had been getting before now I got 60 locked then at 10 minutes the system jumped a few times then freezed at a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR with no blue screen.

So uh... What now.

Turn it off and on again for a start.

no shit

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Is it not a power setting in windows that controls this generally? Have you checked that, might be keeping on the iGPU because of power saving on the laptop.

If that sort of setting exists its hidden from me. On every laptop I use I set it to high performance on the power settings in control panel because I use them as much as I do a desktop so I knock the walls out.

It like it witches off he dGPU to the iGPU and then the system crashes. I'd be in linux but I am learning how to set up for UEFI systems.

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But then I do know the dGPU works because big games like skyrim won't run on an intel p4400 on ultra at 60...... so I know it does work, before that question even comes up.

Oh so it craps out when it turns the dGPU off? Could this be a PCI thing. I seem to remember that windows could not handle hot plugging PCI well and it could just hang the system. To do with thunderbolt though. In wonder ifnitnis a similar thing. Also wasent there tons of patches for Intel's iGPUs because of bugs and firmware things?

I don't know I use server chips and AMD desktop processors @[email protected] this is the first time I have ever had something like this. If its a PCI problem and the idea of bios comes into mind, I checked bios, the only thing to be done there is security, bootlist, and turning the dGPU on or off, which in't the thing to do.

Could it be a chipset issue? Maybe I should grab 3dpchip....

Cant remember where its at since i dont use windows anymore =P

Under advanced power managment there is a PCI power saving setting

I don't know what that is. Control panel? (I'm a linux\unix guy I don't know either @[email protected])

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It is beyond me at that point, just a thought I had. I have never had a laptop with that set up or any of these problems. I know it was specifically for Thunderbolt external GPUs but AMD XConnect was supposed to fix those PCI hot plug things.