Xeon Platinum 8124M build and testing

Ok, I need a motherboard for these two rockin’ CPU’s any suggestions?

Probably something super-micro but whats your chassis/case limitations?


Where could I find a chassis with mobo and everything ready-to-go? (Like Wendell’s Gigabyte R181 server)
I would just buy the CPUs for the heck of it and put them in the empty chassis if something for like around 1000$ would pop up.

I guess pick a chassis and google it?

Ok Order placed for 2 of these. Now I need a good mobo for it.
Asrock Rack EP2C621D12 WS looks good

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Still wondering where @wendell got his non-QS ones for $550.
Haven’t seen anything like that on eBay unless that vid drove all the prices up lol.

My recycler contact was selling them 8 at a time on ebay. They said someone bought up the entire remaining lot, over 1000 pcs. But more is coming on the next round of upgrades

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Thanks! Time to make a search alert filter.

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Hi It was 599 when I ordered. I think its still reasonable.

You ordered an Qualification Sample. I don’t really like that as it limits mobo options. Not that being an off-roadmap chip doesn’t, but I don’t want to double down on the odds.

It’s es that limits. Qs is same electrical as retail just labeled different on the ihs. And I got my fist pair before it went to eBay technically :smiley:

The recycler paid wayyyyyyy less for these than 500… Haha

Ah ok, thanks for that clarification.
Makes life easier.

Yeah, I can imagine what kind of crazy pricing the recycler got.
Almost glad it’s not cheaper as my lab power bill would most certainly increase drastically lol.

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which mobo are you using with this processor?

The gigabyte rack server I reviewed

I was looking at the exact same Gigabyte R181 server in the video since we know that Mobo supports the CPU. How loud is it?

I would imagine pretty loud given the size of it, are you trying to put it in an office?, you might be able to get it a bit quiter with fan swap but how quiet do you need?

dam, I am talking to god itself. Didn’t realize it earlier.

Any cheap refurb/used alternative to gigabyte one.

I was really curious about the 240W TDP the 8124M has. When I look at the CPU compatibility list for 1U servers from Gigabyte and even the Dell R640 I can only see published support for up to 205W TDP CPUs. Was concerned the limited of the heat sinks in the R181 is for 205W.

Has anyone tested these under load with the 8124M on the gigabyte R181? Was the temps and clock speed ok?

I asked @wendell about the 205W limit and he said it didn’t matter that the cpu’s are 240W and the board is 205. I ordered Noctua NH-D9 DX-3647’s since this is going into a 4U case so I got the room. Kinda weirded me out mounting the CPU’s to the cooler THEN to the board. These cost about twice as much as the dynatron blowatrons or the same from supermicro, this thing is going to be sitting in the closet next to me so noise is a bit of an issue.

I went with a supermicro X11DPH-T there were some indications it worked with these.
I got the CPU’s installed on the board and it doesn’t post. When I look at the BMC via the IPMI interface it shows Processor: Intel® Xeon® Silver 4108 CPU @ 1.80GHz.
apparently this is the default in the BMC when it can’t determine the CPU or if it isn’t installed.
With one CPU and 1 DIMM I still don’t get any post and the BMC still says there are two CPU’s and two sticks of RAM.

I flashed the bios up to the latest available. No Joy.
I downgraded to the lowest I could find which was 2.1 from 3.3 still no joy.

I can’t find any bios older than 2.1 to test out. If anyone has or knows where to get like 2.0b or earlier I’ll give it a go.

I’ve ordered a Asrock Rack EP2C621D16-4LP which is reported to work. I’ll post back if I have any luck this weekend.