[WTS] [NA] ASUS X99 Deluxe Motherboard $250 - Black 2666 32GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury RAM $160

North America only. Located in the US.

I am currently preparing for the new hardware releasing soon (Vega+RyZen) and do not like my current setup. I'm moving from ATX to ITX, so a couple of my parts are incompatible with the case I'll be getting. I've decided to sell the entire PC.

All parts are working. I've ran extended benchmarks and haven't had any errors occur.

Buyer pays shipping. I accept Paypal (not gift). Here is my heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/95058

All items come with their accessory unless stated otherwise.

Note: If you buy multiple items, I intend to give a discount. See bottom of post.

Asus X99-DELUXE ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard - $250

Has 2 years left on the standard warranty. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/X99DELUXE/HelpDesk_Warranty/

These are not listed anymore for sale on PCPP, but the second version of it (ASUS X99-Deluxe II) retails for $400: http://pcpartpicker.com/product/NfvZxr/asus-motherboard-x99deluxeii

I originally paid $389.99 for it. It works fine. I've had no issues related to the motherboard that I know of. It is in essentially pristine condition besides dust.

The only exception to that is the WiFi antenna. One of the three cables that go from the antenna to the motherboard has been torn off.

Here's the thing: The WiFi/Bluetooth still work fine. Through two walls, a freezer, and over 20 feet, I get around 20-25 Megabytes/s using 5.0GHz AC. Using 2.4GHz, I get around 13-17 Megabytes/s. So 160-200 Megabits/s and 104-136 Megabits/s respectively. My PS4 controller still connects via Bluetooth as well.

Everything I've looked into for replacing it requires an RMA and I felt it wasn't worth the hassle considering it still works fine.

Note: All the accessories are included. This means a Hyper X2 PCI-e to M.2 drive adapter, and a USB 3.0 port PCI-e Card (two ports). As well as an audio PCB I don't know how to use.

4x8GB DDR4 2666 Kingston HyperX Fury Black RAM - $160

This has a lifetime warranty. http://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/memory/fury under "Resources -> Warranty".

Pretty straight forward. It's 32GB of DDR4 black RAM. Retails for around $260: http://pcpartpicker.com/product/4qkwrH/kingston-memory-hx426c15fbk432

Moving to ITX means I have 2 DIMM slots to work with. So I'd rather have 2x16GB. I've ran extended memtestx86 and came up with no errors.

Intel Core i7-5930K 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor - $280 (SOLD for $280)

This has a 3 year limited warranty with 2 years left. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117403 under "warranty and returns".

It's the 5820K with more PCI-e lanes for Crossfire/SLI. Unfortunately, multi-GPU is on it's way out beyond 2, so it's less useful. It is powerful though. I've encoded many videos and rendered many frames in blender with this CPU and it's had no issue. The NH-D15 I had it on kept it perfectly cool. I don't overclock. In fact, I prefer to underclock for stability and longevity. So it's been taken care of.

The logic behind the price is this: The 5820K is sold for about $370: http://pcpartpicker.com/product/6tXfrH/intel-cpu-bx80648i75820k

So, since this is just that with more PCI-e lanes, but that's useless to 99% of people now that 3/4 GPU is on it's way out, I figured the price should be based on the 5820K instead.

This CPU normally retails for $560+: http://pcpartpicker.com/product/zTvRsY/intel-cpu-bx80648i75930k

So yeah. Works fine. I'm just being realistic with RyZen and Z270 on the horizon.

Sapphire reference R9 Fury X - $230 (SOLD for $230)

This GPU has worked very well for me. I originally RMA'd the first one I received and got a new one in it's place. It still has over 6 months of warranty left.

This originally retailed for $700, but I've seen Fury X's going for $250-$300 recently. http://pcpartpicker.com/product/Jtp323/sapphire-video-card-212460040g

Other than AMD drivers, I've had no issues.

Nocuta NH-D15 CPU Cooler - $50 (SOLD for $50)

So those are all the parts. If you buy multiple items (not counting the CPU cooler), I will take 10% off the highest priced item for each additional item. i.e. the following:

You buy the R9 Fury X for $230 and the 5930K for $280. Total would normally be $510, but 10% off the 5930K makes the price $480 (0.1*280=28 rounded to $30). You get the idea. That could effectively save you on shipping for example.

Note: That works cumulatively. Buy 3 items, get 20% off highest priced item. 4 items, get 30% off highest priced item.

I don't have any of the original boxes unfortunately. Feel free to make offers, but I feel these prices and the multi-item discount is fair.

how much for just the ram and would you ship to Canada?

So yes and $160 (plus whatever shipping would be, but it'll be little since it's RAM).

Tempted on the Fury X.

Even though I live in NZ, I do have a US address for shipping purposes; this is so that when the seller based in the US sends stuff internationally, they send it to my US address as this is provided by my forwarder, meaning that after the parcel gets sent to there, you won't have to worry about the shipment anymore as it'll be all on me. Plus, it'll be cheaper for you and me.

Skip to the point, are you able to send it to my US address then the forwarder an I can deal with the shipping to the final destination?

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I mean, sure.

Just a thought. If you had never mentioned the forwarder, I would've never known (probably).

Very interested in everything or whatever you have left.

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Things sold:

Things still yet to be sold:

Things with potential buyers:
RAM - 1 (asked but no response yet after my reply)
GPU - 3 (two are waiting on funds to pay me and the third hasn't responded yet to my reply)

Whoever pays first is the buyer. None of the 4 above have started a paypal transaction yet.

Is the GPU still available?

It is. A few people have asked about it, but all have said they don't have the money yet, or not responded to my replies.

None have paid me, so it's still available.

I'll have the money by the 19th at the latest... so I guess I'll check back with you then.

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Pm sent

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GPU, CPU, and Cooler have been sold.

Motherboard and RAM are still available.