Windows XP Sound Issues

I am having issues with my sound of windows xp. I recently downloaded new drivers for the audio, as I thought there was a driver problem with that and my mic. Turns out my mic was a hardware issue, so there was no need for the drivers. However after installing the drivers, everything went wrong. I can't hear the startup sounds, I can't play system sounds, I can't play music on itunes, and every time I go to watch a youtube video, it plays for a couple seconds, then restarts, does that over and over about 3 times, then says that an error occured, please try again later. I have rebooted my pc, and that didn't work. So I sought out to uninstall the drivers that I had installed. I went under device manager, and under the sounds part of it, there was a sigmatel audio driver with a yellow exclamation point beside it. I figured that that must be the driver, and I uninstalled it. I still have the issues, and when I try to go into volume control, it says: What is happening, and is there a way to fix this without buying anything? Just for reference, my computer is a Gateway DX420X

reinstall the realtek driver

So  you uninstalled all the sound drivers? Does any devices show with an yellow exclamation mark now?


If its listed as "Unknown device" with an yellow exclamation mark now. You can find out which drivers you need based on its hardware ID. To make sure you install the correct drivers.

No, I just un-installed the driver with the yelow exclamation mark by it. None of them have it now, but I still have the issues. Also I don't think it had realtek audio, I thought it was sigmatel.

Mine is the DX420X, not the DX4200

Dosent make any differnce a realtek audio driver is a realtek audio driver pick it up directly from realtek if you wish.

Well, that didn't fix it. I used the realtek audio drivers, and did the reinstall. Now that driver that originally had the problem that I deleted is back, and still has the yellow exclamation point next to it. I right click and try to update driver, and it says it cannot update it. So, what do I do now?

did you reboot after installing?

Yes, yes I did. Still have the problem

You're gonna have to use the Hardware ID for the unknown device to find out which driver is needed.

In device manager enter Properties for the unknown device. Select the Details tab and select Hardware IDs in the drop-box. It will present you with the hardware ID of the device in the format of VID&PID(VendorID&ProductID).


Take one of my random devices; It's Hardware ID show as: USB\VID_046D&PID_0A1F

So VendorID is 046D and ProductID is 0A1F. Go to and use the search function there to find out what the device is. Search returns:

No matches found for: "HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7626&SUBSYS_107B6049&REV_1002" So now what?

Try This, it lists 4 possible drivers for that hardward ID.

Both of the Gateway drivers say that this is not the correct driver for this system. Welp.

Well the Hardware ID confirms that it should be using the SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC.

So maybe try another version of that driver series.

Try this one, seems to be having somewhat same issues as you have aswell.

This one is letting me install it. We will wait and see

Nope, still the same issue. I can't uninstall and re-install and I can't update it.


Then it could be hardware problem, cuz thats the driver you need.

Confirmed here:

Your computer listed there. Same driver we found when we searched for the VID/PID.


Could always try to reinstall a clean windows.

So, new sound card maybe? Also, I don't want to spend $90 on windows and have to re-install everything. Too much hassle if there is a cheaper way of fixing it :P