Windows 7 vs windows 8

So i want to build a gaming pc but also do some editing and photoshop, but i Dont know weather windows 7 or windows 8. Whats better ???

They both do the same things.I have upgraded to windows 8 and it feels like windows 7(I hacked it so that i don't see metro at startup).

The only difference most users will notice is metro.


I dont do any editing on my pc, but i have been using windows 8 since it came out, and i have had no trouble with gaming.  I would recommend Windows 8.

in my experience 8 crashed constantly (on a computer designed for 8) and treated me like i was a user rather than an administrator

it always felt like microsoft was looking what i was doing and deciding weather or not it would allow me to continue

my friends gaming computer has windows 8 on it and the boot times are really fast. The shutdown time is pretty fast too and he says that metro isnt too much of a hassle to get around. Shortcuts help alot with win8. I can give windows 8 a recommendation.

8 is a resource hog

I just went back to 7. Windows kept crashing on me as well, and I had issues with it waking up from sleep, and sometimes would boot to a black screen. But when it did boot up it was fast. And I actually liked using it once I got used to it. Although I still prefer VLC over the new video player. Since it's not dirt cheap anymore I would say hold off till SP1 comes out. Seems like lots of games and programs can't run on 8 yet either, but if your software does it might be worth trying out.

Strange, i had similar issues as well.  Its interesting that a linux distro with pretty much the same features will idle at less then 256MB of ram whereas 8 hogs 7.9 gigs on idle...

Sure picked an interesting time to become a coder...


I'm not a big fan of 8, really. I feel like they over complicated it to a point where it was stupid. Sure, the boot time is fast, but should it really matter? If you want an ultra fast boot time, buy an SSD and disable all your dumb start up programs.

or run a bare bones version of linux or bsd (i'm talking to you arch users lol)

Windows 8 and 7 are practicaly the same, only 8 has a metro interface. and there is a diffrence between user acounts.

you can tweak windows8 that its booting up in normal desktop mode, withn windows 7 start menu. (windows 7 explorer) only without aero

but and now it comes.

if you install a original version of windows 8 at the end you have to make a user acount.

and there is a big diffrence.

you have 2 options  a micrsosoft account or a local user account.

wenn go for microsoft account, then you basicly very limitid, wenn it comes to systems settens, cause its work the same then, as google android.and that sucks on a normal desktop.cause it get linked, at the appstore, you need to registrate a microsoft account for it and so on

But if you choose for lokal user account, then its the normal way.




not entirely, 8 is coded in XNA with bipolar API's which can barely handle DX11 & 10 (try doing actual corporate work on it for about a week or remoting in). RT has even greater issues.


in closing... they're not the same at all

I heard Windows 8 has eavesdropping software for the government in it.

Personal preference to me. 

I like W7 tho.

If you are getting a new OS you might as well invest in Windows 8 because you will eventually migrate there in the future. If you have a license for Windows 7 already just stick with it. Windows 8 takes a little getting used to but it doesn't take long to understand how to work with it.

Thats a bit deeper into the kernel of windows.

but i could mainaley advice windows 7

I prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8, as I simply cannot stand the "charms bar." I hate that and the fact that Microsoft has gone and thrown away almost 20 years of pavlovian start button association. The whole start button idea came about when they premiered Windows 95, because the interface was going to be so different that they worried people wouldn't know where to start. now almost 20 years later and several generations of start button later, they've gone and thrown it out. This seems not to follow the standard logic of design... I really do think that Windows 8 could have been an excellent user experience if the design team that worked on metro hadn't bothered the standard desktop side of things. Because I want a start menu, not a start page. And I want my search to search through everything without having to select a subfolder for it to search through to find the printer and devices option under the control panel. 

i readed somewhere that the update that will come this summer on windows 8  windows blue.

maybe the totaly metro ui would probably dissapeare again, i readed it somewhere.

and i think that would be the best step for microsoft to make. cause for a normal desktop pc, windows 8 isnt realy ideal. metro is fine for tablets, and telephones, but thats realy it.

and what you say about the good old start menu, its just a part of windows, thats belong to it. taking it out, for desktop pcs is realy not  good.

windows users, from first hours like you, dont want new envoirements, they want better performance.

i stepped into windows from windows xp and at my old school they had some systems with windows 2000, and honnestly the windows xp start menu, is the one i realy like the most

I haven't read very much about Windows Blue, maybe that's a topic Logan should do a The Tek episode about.

I've been using Windows since 98 came out, and I've spent an extended period of time using both Windows 2000 and Windows XP and I have grown incredibly attached to the simple way that they function. So much so that I cannot stand to use the Control Panel that natively pops up in Windows 7, I have to select the classic view and have it expand all the little nested options out so I can find everything properly. Needless to say, some of the changes that they've made in Windows 8 certainly have the potential to make life incredibly nice (all the shortcuts and hotkeys), I just don't like the fact that they've gone and moved things and removed things that really shouldn't be messed with. Like the start button. And no, I don't particularly care that I can and have gone and gotten classic shell and switched the menu to windows 7 style and grabbed the Vista Orb start button, it is more the principal of it. As well as the fact that it is really a sad day when your start button can accidentally crash on you.