Windows 7 vs windows 8

Windows is very good at memory management.

It will take what it wants to perform as good as it can but when you need the ram it gives it back. 

im totaly agree, with you.

i switched since my new build from xp sp3 to windows 7 x64 cause i havent much choice, and it still causes me headaces somethimes..

ofc i switched to the windows basic vieuw, cause that aero was realy annoying me.

and maybe i gonne try to set it back to clasic vieuw, cause, like you said, the control panel i allready set to classic, cause i had the same problem, couldnt  find anything, its annoying.

windows xp stand over 10 years, i allways runned that with classic shell, cause,  its just working great.

with this windows 7 i still have issues that my browser somethimes freezes my  desktop, for some reason? i still cant find the clue, but its deffanetley something with flash i guess.

its just realy annoying.

I actually really liked the whole Aero theme that Windows Vista brought with it when it came out, and I actually had a really nice skin for Windows XP to emulate it, I even got Rainmeter to act as my gadgets drawer. It was really cool. I had meant how with the new control panel in Windows 7 they consolodate their usual array of icons and options into a smaller number of groups of icons and options. And I really don't want to have to hunt around to find my option to uninstall programs so that I can go through that to disable Windows components so that I can turn of tablet options. Because unless I do that, then I can't kill off the little handwriting input pop-up. And you can't just close it like any other program. Plus it tries to use gestures, which makes it utterly impossible to draw on.

i agree, the aero looks realy nice, but the thing that was bottering me of it was, that wenn i have some  things open on the taskbar, wenn i by purposing, going with the mouse to close, then that miniature screen showed up, thats the main thing what´s annoying me at aero. some people probabley like it, i realy dont like it. ☻ but overal graphical it looks beautiful.

the control panel i switched also to classic, cause i had the same issue, dont like to search trough all those groups, where they put thing in.

Oh, I love that, especially since after Vista blew through, they started grouping everything and they got rid of the capacity to keep both aero and also the seperate window representations on your taskbar.

maybe its just a fact of getting used to aero. i agree its realy beautiful...

but it maybe why its annoying me, can be the fact that im using a very low resolution,

but im getting a new monitor soon, so i will see try aero then and see what its lookslike then ☻

i have a 22 inch samsung syncmaster right now its a TN panel, but i run 1024 x 768 resolution, cause wenn i go higher on resolution, it realy causing me problems reading texts.

cause i have a bad eye haha.

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IF you what to see the difernce in gameing on windozzz 7 and windozzz 8 then check this video

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