Windows 10 Creators Update Reveal && Problems Thread

Microsoft will roll out the Windows 10 Creators Update ( version 1703 ) to the public on April 11.

Some cool things included in this update are:

* The ability to turn off ads in File Explorer

* Game mode

The Creators Update also introduces a new Game Mode into Windows 10. Simply put, it prioritizes your system resources whenever you're playing a supported game. If, for example, you have Photoshop running in the background while you're playing Doom 3, your PC will focus more CPU and GPU horsepower on the game. Microsoft reps say that by doing so, Game Mode will ensure higher peak performance as well as more-consistent frame rates. source

  • Games played in full screen will get better performance.

    • Behind the scenes, background processes will be shifted to different cores and thread affinities will dedicate cores to games

  • More control over updates
    • People have the ability to update how they want too. ( if you read on below this is kinda a lie )

When an update has been downloaded, an alert will show three options: install and reboot immediately, schedule a time (within the next three days) to install it, or snooze the alert to temporarily delay the decision. This won't let you delay an update indefinitely, but it should offer a reasonable trade-off between the need to get systems updated and the annoyance of interruptions. source

  • Dynamic lock
    • The PC will lock itself automatically when the phone paired to it is no longer connected

  • Paint 3D
  • Paint 3D, an evolution of the classic Paint app in three dimensions, is the highlight of the Creators Update. Just like the original version (which is still available in Windows 10), it's basically a blank canvas for doodling. But it's also much more full-featured, since creating 3D objects isn't as simple as 2D drawings. source

  • USB Audio 2.0 native support

  • Edge
    • Can open EPUB files
    • More secure - Its sandbox is more stricter. Malicious code has fewer opportunities to break out of the sandbox.
    • Other stuff:

  • Telemetry
    • The telemetry options have also been simplified—the "enhanced" option has been removed, leaving only "basic" and "full"—though it's still not possible to opt out of telemetry entirely without using the Enterprise version. source

To install do what @Positron said.


I've not used Windows in a while, but when i was using the builds for the creators update, there generally pretty decent.

Although Edge does some of these features like PDF and epub reading, ive found it lacking in usability though. That was an old build of edge though, so maybe its improved.


Wait, what?

You're fucking kidding me. This has been a thing? This is making me more angry than I should be. Glad I've been running linux for so long that using windows is a distant memory. I mean, I'm glad they're moving back towards the realm of reality, but still, come the fuck on Microsoft. I can't believe people haven't been leaving in droves.


Ads in file explorer

@Kat explain to me what was good about windows? I don't think games are enough of a reason if theres fucking ads.

Maybe I won't be installing windows today then. I'll just uh.

I'll just do something else.

I'll install XP and call it good.


It works.. contrary to popular belief of the thousands of Linux shills on this forum. Gaming on Linux is never going to be a thing anytime soon despite the years of people saying it will. and so far most of the bullcrap people complain about I myself have not seen. and when this updates drops. if the Ads actually show up. I will say something. but other than that. you complain about Windows on a weekly basis for things no one has a problem with. STEAM CLOSES.. MUST BE WINDOWS.. AYYMD CARD NOT WORKING? MUST BE WINDOWS.. SYSTEM BLUE SCREENS? MUST BE WINDOWS.. I'm going to say it over and over again to it gets through the skull of many of the people who complain about Windows on this forum.

If Windows ain't working, Go get a mac, you won't use a Mac? go install Linux. you won't install Linux? then just shut up. Cause you aren't physically tied down to Windows.. you just want to complain and not solve the problem.

There's a reason why at my job, we upgraded our Self checkout terminals to Windows 7. XP is a massive turd and is plagued with security exploits.


Text from

Annoyed by ads in File Explorer? Buried in options is a checkbox for "Show sync provider notifications", and unchecking this should tame them. The obscure name of the option, and its buried location under Advanced Settings, suggests that Microsoft is happy for most users not to find it.

Its not a thing now. But .


That turn off ads thing reminded me from random idea I had another day.

I need to look how pirate Win10 is doing because it'd make sense if someone would be constantly doing installer with all updates included and nonsense ripped off simply because it takes time to do them.

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Paint 3D looks kinda fun. Also ability to select a wide range of colors for taskbar etc. Kinda sad that it took them so long to do what Linux was able to do for years. Windows Defender is also getting an upgrade. If you use Windows because you're a gamer and you're also not a complete moron, Windows Defender has been a pretty solid choice for a while now as the only protection that you really need. So it's good that it's getting an upgrade.


Windows defender is all i use.


I bet gaming mode is gonna be good :)~

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But on April 11th I'll be glued to my screen waiting for Ryzen 5 I can't update.


I suggest you use avast less resource intensive.


Windows defender is decent enough.. and considering you cant turn it off (on some windows versions) its less resource intensive :P


;P ;P ;P


I suggest you refrain from any 3rd party antivirus. All they do is make internet browsers less secure and provide an additional attack vector.


That and common sense :)


and decent ad-blocker.


the ability to turn off something that should never have been there.. Yay


I am looking forward to many of these new features but I'm not willing to beta test them.

I joined the Windows Insider Program to get an early look at the Creator's Update. However, the process of installing the Windows Insider program was so convoluted and difficult, I bailed before I finished. I had to go to many forums with conflicting info - Enable then Disable UAC, make changes with RegEdit, etc. I kept running into the case of 'this button is greyed out' > here is the forum post that tells how to fix that > Okay that's fixed > now the next button is greyed out. I uninstalled Windows Insider before I fully got it working. There was a RegEdit change I didn't feel was correct, so I backed out of everything I did while trying to get the beta working.

I plan to wait a few weeks until the Creator's Update is "Ready for Prime Time" (Ha!) for everyone.