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Yes plz. Thank you! Trying to figure out how the wiki section works lol ihavenoideawhatimdoing

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I’m gonna put down some info and links to the relevant areas. Not sure if we can make topics auto wikifiy themselves or not yet.

Maybe make a script on the bot to start a new discussion thread when a new topic is created in the wiki-howto section. Or if it can only react when is tagged make a command when tagged in this forum section to instantly make a new topic and post a link. Then all that the wiki creators must do is tag the bot at the end of the article.

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Yeah I’m gonna look and see if there’s an easy way to do this. Might look on Sunday I should have a little time.

Ah yeah i still have to overlook the whole list and maybe i could make some additions to it.
Allthough i have not really tested the Linux compatibillity with manny boards specificlly.
Thats why @wendell does great reviews on boards by testing Linux compatibillity.

But i think that pretty much any AMD / intel board from lets say,
the last 2 / 3 years should be kinda compatible with Linux for the most part,
except for those very few boards that have out of ordernairy chips on them like Killer Nic´s and such.
Allthough i think that even those qualcomm athereos killer nics are kinda supported right now.
But there has been supporting issues with those killer nic’s in the past.
Manny boards use similar chips and controlers arround the board on a said platform / chipset series.
But of course chances are there that you could run into a certain board,
on which some things dont work well with Linux, like wifi modules or certain nic’s.

Its great to have topic like this. :slight_smile:

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Would having either a mechanical keyboard wiki or a general keyboard wiki be a nice thing to have?
most of those only mention cherry the most common cherry switches, having one which spans more than that could help people find something more obscure which they might end up liking.

i do not know the most about this but here are some things which could be mentioned:

buckling springs are still being manufactured
the the non mainstream cherries which can still be acquired like the mx clears

Would there be a point since exists?

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If you do make a mechanical keyboard wiki, you should make the general discussion page the mechanical keyboard lounge. At least in my opinion you should.


Yes make away if you would like to make it.
There are three parts (I have not fully written these up sorry)

  • The wiki page. Make in the wiki section.
  • A wiki meta talk page (for people to also or talk about adding info before adding it) this is in the meta talk sub category
  • And a general discussion page optional where it makes sense. This would be the mechanical keyboard corner
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I am sorry but i do not have the knowledge required.
it was meant more as an idea for a person/people who know something about this subject to make.

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Create a thread under the wiki section of the forum.

You can do it bro. I believe in you.

edit: I got it.

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I hid/deleted the closed notification in case your wondering.
Should be editable even closed.

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I forgot what the edit button looked like. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thank you!

Instead of having the wiki like it is, would it be possible, to do something like:

  • Make .PDF of what it is you want to share

  • Take screen shot of .PDF
    *Upload to wiki thread ( this is what viewers view )

  • Upload the original .PDF file, underneath the photo
    *This is what contributors use to edit.

With allowing something like this,we can get more creativity in the design and implementation of the wikis.

Hi… i am mostly a noob but i would like to assist with writing how-tos etc. sometimes someone who is learning themselves can write okay (or better) intro material if someone who knows what they are doing checks it :smiley:

In any case I was wondering how I would go about contributing i see some activity but don’t want to make a mess… i would like to add value not just noise :slight_smile:

i would be happy to put in a few hours a week in any way that might help. (and i hope this is the right place to ask)

This topic isn’t specifically time sensitive. You can contribute by just picking something to write about and do it. Any and all contributions are welcome.


Thanks… I am just a little nervous as I would probably just be looking to give content that people could add as they see fit- but i am worried it would just be a pain!

I don’t know if its best to send it to them to copy and paste in or just reply with suggested chunks of content… i guess i am worried that the guides as they are while not the easiest to expend on are generally clear and good. i will see if i can come up with something sensible to add and then take it from there i guess.

One thing you can do is make a wiki-style post. That way, it can be living document that people can contribute to if you so wish.

@wendell About Navidrome (or Jellyfin) in TrueNAS Scale:

You made a guide in this Thread about how to manually deploy a Navidrome Docker through the CLI as it wasn’t working for you in the GUI at the time.

I elaborated a bit in this comment on how to deploy the Container through the GUI, which should be more user-friendly and less prone to breakage.

Simular to my ongoing Wiki Series on TrueNAS Scale (part 1 and part 2) I want to create step-by-step instructions on how to deploy Navidrome (and Jellyfin) Dockers through the GUI.

Would you prefer if I edited your Wiki about Navidrome and split it into two halfs for both methods or create a second wiki on Navidrome? In the latter case I would kindly ask you to mention in your Wiki that it does work via the GUI, contrary to what the Wiki states for now.

Probably both methods? I setup your way with charts however it did not map the data directory or preserve it across container updates. Is that to be expected or did I miss something? I was able to manually edit the chart and add the paths for music and data but if I hadn’t known I need to do that it would have trashed my setup when I upgrade?

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Just to clarify, when your talking about “my way” are you talking about setting up a Contianer Chart via the “Launch Docker Image” Dialogue or TrueCharts Apps?

I’ve been experimenting with both, TrueCharts pre-configuring a lot of things makes it a lot easier, but you’re right that it’s not great to be relying on another project.

When using the “Launch Docker Image” Dialogue I configured the storage like this:

It persists through Version Changes / Restarts / Power Outages, I use this in “Home Production”.

When using the TrueCharts App, Storage was automatically set up with a persistent Volume which I tested to be accomplishing the same thing:

So both methods work:

  • Deploying Navidrome through the “Launch Docker” GUI, giving me more Custom Options for Kubernetes and Docker
  • Deploying the TrueCharts App, that pre-configures basically everything and gives some more hints, but unfortunately relies on another project

If counting your method through the CLI, we have three now, let me know if it’s okay that I add these two to your wiki, maybe splitting it in three Collapsed Sections, one for each method and some explanation above who should use which?