WiFi Access Point/Router recommendations

I recently upgraded my Internet to 60Mbit, but unfortunately my modem is unable to deliver these speeds. (It works fine when I connect a device with Ethernet). Hence, I’d like to purchase a WiFi router or Access Point.
This AP should be able to support up to 15 devices and should also support technologies like MU-MIMO.
Also, currently I’ve connected three devices (desktop PC, NAS and PiHole) via an Ethernet cable. As to my knowledge, if DHCP is turned off on the AP, it should work as a switch and I’d be able to reach a notebook connected via WiFi with my desktop PC without any issues, shouldn’t I? Furthermore, I’m toying around with the idea of setting up a firewall. If I don’t invest in one with four ports, purchasing now an AP with 4 LAN ports might save some troubles in the long run.

Do you guys have any recommendations? I’ve taken a look at UniFi’s APs, but many of them do not have 4 LAN ports but only 2. So, any ideas would be welcome :slight_smile:


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AC1200 for $45

It had no problems delivering 210+mbps for my mother, it will do great for your internet.


I thought about spending around 150$, if it costs 200$ it’s fine as well. But I wouldn’t purchase a 500$ AP :wink:

Priority list
Want AIO device?
Hardware you have one hand (do you have any cheap gigabit switches, routers etc?)

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Unifi Ap AC pro for mu-mimo … Ap AC lite for regular mimo

802.11ac wave 2 vs wave 1

The lite is under $100, the pro I think 180?

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this is kind of a gimmick when the other end doesnt support it. just an FYI. not sure if you knew that.


The mu is multi user. So if you’re the only one using the AC radio there’s little benefit. If you’re running a busy sales floor with dozens of AC devices talking, there’s the benefit.

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I neither have a priority list, nor hardware on hand. What is an AIO device? I’m only familiar with this term when referred to water cooling devices^^.

I also forgot to mention: I’d like to be able to connect to the AP in my garden. Currently it is possible (although I often lose the connection). I do know that there are other factors involved, but I believe my router’s WiFi isn’t the best, so any quality AP should be an improvement. But for example, UniFi offers a long range version of their APs, so whenever something like this is available, I’d purchase the long range version :wink:


@Adubs How so? I thought this was entirely on the AP’s end…

@gordonthree We, wife and I, have a lot of devices in our household. I think roughly 15 are connected to the AP concurrently.

Whats your area your covering in WiFi like ? SqFt? walls? Multi stories? Congested wifi in the area?

AIO router/switch/AP

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The AP does the work but the client must also be MU friendly for it to work as intended.

theres still some benefits but they are minor.


We’re living in a city (=> congested) in an apartment on the 1st floor. Hence, when I’m in the garden, there is a floor and an apartment between the AP and me. The apartment itself is rather small, around 50m²/540sqft.

Thanks. I’m not entirely sure, both have benefits/drawbacks. If it’s a router, it would have to have 4 LAN ports, if it’s an AP, I could get away with fewer, since everything would still be on the same subnet. A router might be the better choice, if I’m going to use a firewall later on though…

that tp link can do routing or ap mode. there is a mu mimo version for $50. given that you only have 60mbps anyway, I dont see the need to spend a bunch of money on a more complex setup. of course thats up to you though, dont let me talk you out of overkill because I love overkill.

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Yeah me too somehow xD
Thanks for the link above though, I’ll definitely consider it :slight_smile:

I went ahead and purchased the following router: