Why I hate windows

So I opted out of Windows 10 Anniversary edition auto updates, dodged the "Update and Shutdown" buttons.
I was in the 3rd hour of a large file download.
I went to have a shower
I came back to windows updating to Anniversary edition.

I lost my download progress, it broke my user settings, and it took 1/2 to install the update.

I hate windows.

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Been there. Went back to Win7 Pro / dualboot with Arch. Problem solved.


That's what made me wipe my laptop's SSD 5min after I installed the - by then - free upgrade to Win10 and go back to Win8.1 (but since then I put linux on it). I run Win8.1 on my desktop but disabled all Windows updates.


Win7 was having a stroke with GPT partition tables.
Arch is still my main, unless I wanna play vidya.

As much as windows update implimentation isn't the best, it did what you should have done instead of constantly postponing it. It updated your system. You now have a safer system, congrats.

In the plus side the creators update coming in the next few months will have an option to temporarily delay updates up to a month.

But this always comes down to the same old issue, people put things off untill the last possible moment and then end up with issues because they didn't just do it in the first place. Windows updates is just another version of that same issue and Microsoft haven't quite got the solution right yet.


post withdrawn wibble

Have laptop and my desktop running W10. Desktop Build No: 1511 disabled Windows Updates through Services. Laptop 1607 Anniversary Edition also disable updates through Services when I got it. Yes the updates are a pain and not that easy to disable but I'm fine ever since. No need to defer or stuff since that will get you updated anyways.

I wanted bash on Windows so allowed the update. But I only have Windows for a couple of games.

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It's just anniversary not a security patch, and I wasn't too sure what changes Anniversary made in terms of spying. Wasn't planning on risking it.

I hate the people who made Windows what it is today.


Feel a little railroaded to ya ? :(

I stopped using Windows because Linux better suits my personal workload. Though I don't really mind the Windows ecosystem, I'd rather use something I need and can adapt easily. I'm not someone to whinge about privacy issues because I don't have anything to hide, and if I did, I know I'm capable of doing it in the physical world, not the digital world. I've actually been using Ubuntu lately even though it's really not what I'm most comfortable with. I have to say, after moving the sidebar to the lower edge, I'm quite satisfied. I use terminal commands for mostly everything, so I'm not too picky on looks. I've installed Ubuntu 16.04 onto a Kingston DT 32GB 3.0 drive and it's running flawlessly and speedy on even a 2.0 port because of Linux's amazing indexing system; something I just can't manage with a Windows OS.


Don't understand the phrase railroaded. ???

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railroad (redirected from railroaded)
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railroad someone into something
to force someone into doing something in great haste. The salesman tried to railroad me into signing the contract. You can't railroad me into doing anything!
See also: railroad
railroad something through (something)
to force something through some legislative body without due consideration. The committee railroaded the new constitution through the ratification process. Mary felt she could railroad the legislation through.

a controversial law that is being railroaded through Congress

a bill that was railroaded into law

They claim she was railroaded.
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I think you should give a little context too, not just a definition lol.

Wow you did not have to type all of that but thanks. I get it. Rather then Windows I feel railroaded lot more into using online services that other people take for granted. Why are you not on facebook? Why would you want to use something other than skype? Etc...


and whatever garbage software/sites the MS whats to promote at the the time. MS is converting windows into a pure ad/malware delivery platform. There shall be no secrets for the people :)


You're mining bitcoins with a desktop?

This ain't 2013
That cannot be profitable anymore

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No one mines bitcoins with a desktop anymore. Most miners these days mine one of the hundreds of alt-coins that sprouted up after the bit-coin and subsequent lite-coin craze. My favorite is Dash