Why aren't we getting paid?! Logan, Pistol, Wendel or Qain

I was writing out my checks tonight and found myself VERY ANGRY! I have a data cap with my current ISP and if I go over, and I do every month, I have to pay an obserd amount of money. If I go to YouTube I must watch commercials. I did not request them. I don't even want to see them. If I go to any random web site I'm flooded with ad's. I did not request them, nor do I want to see them; However, I am charged for the bandwidth traffic anyway.WTF?!

Data caps suck, so glad i dont have to worry about that, i feel for you dude :(

I wonder if a situation like this would be a proper excuse to run AdBlock (although not too sure how it works).

There's always a proper excsuse to run AdBlock.

Nobody needs to have ads they don't care about for cars they can't afford thrown in their face before they watch their video.


In some instances it might. It won't save some of the bandwidth, but Ad block Plus cuts out the code for the ads as Chrome gets them, so it would depend on what kind of ads. Image and Flash based ads, I don't know about. Its worth a shot though

You state that you did not request ads but I would beg to differ. You requested a service and with that service there is a person who has to make their living off that service. So, of course you have to compensate that person for providing a service for you. Using Ad Block is one of the scummiest things you can do on the internet in my opinion. Your in a sense stealing that service. You aren't compensating the person who provided that service so your are using it without paying the creator. You don't go into the movies and watch a film without paying for admission. Its really one in the same except on the internet its left up to the end user to not be an asshole and actually pay the creator. And yes, it is right to say pay them. A youtube ad gives a cut to the youtube poster and that is how people like Logan, Wendel and Pistol pay their bills. That is how they make and provide the content, with the revenue they make from ads. If you want the service, in this case the youtube video, it is up to you to make sure you can pay for it. It is not Logans fault that you have a shitty isp, in fact it couldn't be any less his fault that you do. He's one of the people thats most actively trying to fix that. Its your isp's fault and yours for not paying attention to your plan and bills, even though those charges are complete bullshit. You can't request your ad cents back because your isp is charging you for data usage. You payed that for his content and he gave it to you. Your relationship with your isp does not warrant Logan basically paying you to experience his content because YouTube ad cents for 1 view is NOT even scale able to isp data charges.  

*This is my opinion on the matter and I do not speak for TS


Try the chrome plugin µblock. it uses much much less ram than adblock and saves you bandwith.

I only think its okay to use Ad Block to block REALLY TERRIBLE ads, like ones that ruin the whole page or lead you to malware. Normal, non-sociopathic ads, I don't care so much about. Its when the entire page is covered in giant green download buttons or something insane like that, that drives me nuts.

I feel your pain, data caps as they are today are lame, however I do not understand why you posting this. Don't watch youtube, or less of it anyway, pay a little more for a higher bandwidth. If you "always" go over then have to pay an *absurd* amount of money that would be the way to go. I don't see why you would need to be paid for something that you are in control of.

Part of being an adult is not always getting what you want right away but living within your means while working to earn what you what.

I agree whole heartily! Also by using youtube you consent to their terms of service and agree to watch ads. this is like going to itunes and complaining that the music you got wont work on your non-apple mp3 player.

Guess the OP never heard of ad block?

Adblock and Disconnect are great ways of saving time and bandwidth. They don't solve your problem but you can try these browser extentions.

Because money all the FUCKING MONEY. It'd be better if you just went to the edge of their mansion's property(BUT NOT BEYOND THE POOR FENCE) and fed them you're money directly so they wouldn't have to pay taxes or distribute it. 

capitalism & oligarchy...

Cheapass DIY logging router? The guys did a video on it some time ago.


All ad servers are a security risk, even the ads on big legit sites and services have hosted malicious ads.

How about those of us that direct download Youtube's HD video files without ever going to the site?

It depends really, 


Some adblock programs like the above said, it just cuts the code when they are recieved so you are still being charged for the data, the adblock app just stops it from being displayed.


There are other adblock solutions that are HOSTS file based. Meaning, all the known ad servers are set to be requested from the loopback address.  sortof like so




(and so on) 


so when your computer calls for that ad content on the page from the HTML/CSS whatever, it never actually leaves your computer, so it never comes at all since your computer never asks to pull the ad.


I used to have a root app for my android that was this way. it was great. it was pulled from the Play store for obV reasons. but I'm sure it can still be found and installed.


Downside to this is, you end up with a large HOSTS file and can be cumbersome when you are trying to diagnose an internet or webpage issue.

Mother Of All adBlock. MOAB. You need root but it is like stated above just loops back to internal address so as are never called. And because of how it works or will block browser and app ads. So no more popups in games and apps and no more browser ads.

I use adblock and whitelist sites or youtubers I like to support.  Everyone else can go fuck themselves and their shitty ads that pose a security risks.  I must be the scummiest thing on the internet because I don't like intrusive ads messing with my browsing experience.