Why am I not on Linux?


Just my opinion, why I'm not using Linux. I would love to use Linux, but I will call out Steelseries for not making Steelseries engine to Linux. I have a Steelseries Rival mouse, that uses their engine(obviously) and I need to modify my mouse settings pretty frequently. If they make any kind of software for my mouse for Linux, then I will totally move over to it.

I hate Microsoft Windows. I hate, how it works, how it tries to take control from me from my computer, I hate, how slow changing from full screen application to desktop is.

Just a thought. Can anyone else also relate to that?

I can relate, but that's why I then switched :) I was tired of the high ram usage, inherit insecurity of the platform, slow development, their licencing, all of it. Linux was / is the solution to these and my problems


if i was you id:
1. grab my HDD bring it to an other computer turn it into an VHD file using the free tool from Microsoft.
2. install linux on my PC
3. run my old windows as a VM in linux to edit my mouse internal memory

play your games in borderless or windowed maximized mode??

Not all games have that feature. My friend also told me, that there is an application, that gives you borderless windowed option to every game, but it also offsets the buttons, which would drive me crazy.

Well, RAM is not a big problem for me, since I don't use it that much myself and I have not run out of memory in gaming.

my laptop is running windows 7 just on idle with my ....few just a few .... browser/ tabs open ...
right now for example we are looking at 82% of 8 gb of ram used
Firefox x1, 47 tab
Firefox X2, 74 tab
Firefox X3, 42 tab
Midori, 1tab
Opera X1, 9 tab
Opera X2, 8 tab
Google Chrome, 1tab
that's before even launching a single game...

Wow, that's a bit of a problem. On idle I have around 60-70 processes running(including mouse software, steam, skype etc) and it's taking up maximum 2.5GB of memory, after finishing everything for single session, it takes up to 4GB of memory out of my 8GB total. Not very mad. I also just reinstalled Windows 7, because reasons and science.

That is one of my gripes with Linux. I have a laptop and use a Logitech M510 mouse with it. I have gotten used to swapping the two thumb buttons to volume up and volume down, apparently this isn't exactly an easy task with Linux. I do miss the driver and application support from Windows as well as the polish it has. It was nice knowing that simple things like my mouse and video drivers were well supported. I also have a gripe about the desktop managers on linux and how unpolished they generally look. The default icons are usually terrible, same goes for applications like GIMP. Windows and Mac OS X seem to get system theming right, but with the drawback of little choice.

So you win some and you lose some. I do think Linux would be a much better platform if we had some better driver and application support from manufacturers however. /rant

Roccat has Linux support, and recently hired another Linux programmer.


Holy Sh#$ how do you have that many tabs in multiple windows and programs??? Like how the hell can you find that one tab you are looking for?

That peripherals like mice don't come with software for linux is not an issue, it's a feature!

Who needs more bloatware, when linux can control all the settings of ANY class compliant device (pretty much all mice and keyboards) natively without having to install extra bloatware lolz...

I found this 3rd party tool for configuring Rival mice on Linux: https://github.com/andrepl/rivalctl. I'm not sure if it suits your needs but you can always get involved. Software is build with code not hate or love. If you want to make things work you might need to get your hand dirty.

If you're lazy and just want free code for something, a good place to start looking is https://github.com. What I usually do, is search for it (duh) and then sort by stars. Like this: https://github.com/search?o=desc&q=steelseries&s=stars&type=Repositories&utf8=✓.

You find once you switch, with the next iteration of your hardware you stop supporting companies that have these windows only "drivers". Then it tends to become a non-issue.

Yeah, I don't got the focus to have more than 8 tabs open in FF.

Ordering a Roccat mouse.....

Hey @Oaken we should organize a known compatiable with linux hardware thread.
Would really be nice for users when shopping about.

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Who needs graphics drivers either, real linux users only use 800x600 with only CLI. /s Get real @Zoltan

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3 Firefox with side tab(like @wendell) as my main with everything i use.
Why 3 windows of Firefox, 3 screen 1 each.

Why all the other browsers? To log on multiple unlinked gmail account at once.

Firefox is logged in a dummy gmail because of when youtube was annoying about real name id.
Google, Midori, opera 12.17, opera 28.0 for my normal 4 Emails (and the tabs that are open in those browser are from links in the various email I've receive)

That's nuts my ocd kicks in at like 4-8 tabs

ocd? why it's not like it's messy do you mean a.d.d. or a.d.h.d. ?