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Who is your Favorite Manufacturer?

Pick a manufacturer and tell why they are your favorite.

Old Mini. They were plain, simple and could be fixed at the side of the road and fully serviceable by anyone who had a Haynes manual.

The entire idea of the original mini is everything a car should be for me. Utilitarian, cheap and big enough for 4 adults and their luggage (just). They are the most well rounded and for my money the perfect car.

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Great looking cars. German driving characteristics...but with Japanese quality. Standard Nissan proprietary oil filter or whatever nonsense.

I can see this turning into a flame war but Ford, Ferrarri, alfa, uhmm Damn guess I cant choose :P

Personally I like the new Mazdas a lot. Probably because I grew up with them ever since I was little.
Back in the day when my dad still had the garage, there were no problems or repairs what so ever.
Some people didn't do the maintainance eighter and they still roled...
And now they are finally getting away from the "old mans car" (the average mazda buyer was 67 at one point!) to something a little more exciting (with huds and stuff, you know?).
I am currently working on Volkswagen, but hell are these things always falling apart.
That feel when the engine and oil have to be changed together (30000km in this case).
Someone ever had experience with one of those brands?

Depends on what you want :/ really does.

Right now our day to day driver is a BMW 318ti - because it was the only second hand hatchback in our price bracket that wasn't horrifically slow and also had airbags. It has had lots of random reliability issues, but gets the job done.

Our weekend "haul crap around" car is a 2002 Toyota Camry, and it just never breaks down, passes annual vehicle inspections every-time without a single visit to a mechanic. However it's about as exciting to drive as a toe nail.

If we were to buy a new city hatchback, it would probably be a VW Golf GTI.
If we wanted a car to burn up 300,000 miles in, probably a Nissan.
If we wanted to tow a boat, probably a Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore.

I don't think there really is a best, I just choose the product that best suits my needs.

The one that you can afford and gets you from point A to point B the most amount of time with the least amount of money with the most amount of comfort and style according to you and your finances.

Lancia (RIP) best manufacturer ever. They did things because they wanted to, not because they were popular or sellable. And the built the 037 my favorite car of all time and the only RWD car to beat the Audi Quattro in Rallye back then.

Today...I really like BMW because of RWD and the Mercedes S-Class (always the best car in the world)
the Tesla Model S is quite cool as well but Elon Musk makes stupid and arrogant comments some times.

If I had to buy a new car today (affordable) I would probably get a Mazda MX5 Miata

And I loath Audi....just hate them and the people who drive them are generally tailgaters on the Autobahn

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1) Volvo -- safety, longevity
2) Honda -- doesn't break but its plastic
3) Buick -- because i like to drive a sofa.

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Big fan of Volvo for their design, build quality, and durability.

Always owned Chevy and they are pretty reliable, though not without their flaws. One thing I love in recent Chevy cars is the mylink/onstar system, that lets you plug in your own phone to initilize the service. This seems much smarter to me than an OEM implentation that could possibly never see updates.


Here is the thing I like about mazda. Everything is as plain and simple as it can fucking be.

You get an engine, a shell, a couple seats, and a steering wheel.

With the exception of a few models and years, most of their cars do not have some complicated variable valve timing bull shit, they only have a small hand full of sensors, and they will run just as long as any toyota or honda as long as you take care of them.

In the end that really seems to have been my relationship with mazda. If you take care of it. It will take care of you.

With any other make (including toyota) it really seems like they were designed to run so damn close to the breaking point that you could polish your engine block every day and it would still break after enough use.

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I like Alfa Romeo, but its not the best car manufacturer by all means.

I would have to say Chevy. The suv's in particular. My sister has a 20003 trail blazer. Gets the job done well and barely breaks down. My mom has a 2005 Tahoe. That thing is a tank of I've ever seen one. 200000 miles on the original engine with no major problems ever. And my dad owned many of their pickups and camaros. He says they all served him well (expect the one he got at a junkyard). The build quality on those cars is just great, and Chevy has a car for everyone in my family it seems

I mean really Tesla is the best. Because it's fucking Tesla.

There is no "best" manufacturer. Every car ever made has good points and bad points.

Reliability ? Drive a toyota

All of them are the best because I am non-confrontational and don't like arguing.

In all seriousness though, I'm partial to old(er) Subarus. My Outback Sport had its 18th birthday last month and it's still going strong. It's just a bit rusty from driving through seventeen winters with road salt and whatnot. Gotta love corrosion! Pretty much anything after the second gen Impreza or the fourth gen Legacy are iffy for me however.


Subaru is great, that's true. But the interior is always a bit monday morning, cheap and out-dated.

On reliability, I would say: Look no further than the car that moves Africa.
The good old Mercedes w123 (E-Class) it engines run an average of 800k km in Africa and they still move people and everything else after almost 40 years.
200k km is considered a worn-in engine

DeLorean Motor Company.

Need i explain? (;

There is no best one but my favorite two are 1: Subaru 2: Toyota. Subaru has very safe reliable and fun cars great to drive, Toyota is the largest single manufacturer for a reason, great trucks and they make a car for everyone and extremely reliable.