Which less popular or unknown shows do you think is still worth watching nowadays (see my suggestions below)?

Being on my 40s and seen one too many shows/movies, noticed a creativity slump in the last years and coupled with the strikes, have turned to either content mainly from Japan/South Korea - which are somewhat covered in other threads, so for this thread here…lets sidestep the human “need” for chasing the new content and find lost gems!

Premise: which less popular or unknown shows do you think is still worth watching nowadays?

My suggestions:

The Starlost - offer a very SG1 and ST vibe with a different twist. Granted the SFX and script have plot holes, but they have very thought provoking episodes - that would be classic ST episodes if they only focused on details.
Time to invest: just one season with 16 episodes.

Max Headroom - the SFX and shooting dates the show, but there is some charm in the characters (watched it when I was kid, so I am biased!) and the very unique take on what the future would look like - the tech talk is funny as its mostly non-sense or completely out-of-date (tapes ey?).
Time to invest: just two seasons totalling 13 episodes.

Disclaimer: Hope Wendell one day decides to share his setup for old timey shows and this thread may show there is an audience for that content! Although initially planned to used Jellyfin, LG+Synology despite the clunky or lack of worthy UI works justs fine.

Looking forward to get your old timey shows (all genres).

Suggestions thus far:

I’m not sure what qualifies a popular and known show… Things I remember being advertised widely a decade or more ago may be completely unknown to younger people looking today. Today, with various streaming platforms, there’s lots of heavily-advertised new shows with lots of apparently popular that I never heard about.

Danger UXB - WWII London bomb disposal unit
The Critic - Funnier than The Simpsons
Total Recall 2070 - More like Blade Runner meets L.A. Confidential, rather than its namesake film, but still in the Philip K. Dick universe.

The Prisoner:

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I would say Not the Nine O’Clock News although not too sure about how obscure/unpopular it really is.

Rowan Atkinson is brilliant in it and the political jokes still perfercly land this day.

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Watched Totall Recall 2070 a few months back, and having Blader Runner a my favourite universe, definitely agree with you topic. Some epis are predictable but others a suprising gems.

Oh definitely a classic if only for the great quote: “I Am Not A Number; I Am A Free Man”!

Brilliant. Rowan Atikinson is really underapreciated in my book, one of the great comedians. Blackadder

Will start a running list on the original post to keep track of the shows.

I’m an American who thinks that American TV has gone to shit at least 10 years ago. Around that time I discovered the world of Korean and Japanese TV shows and movies(but heavily biased toward Korean, like 95%-5%). It’s a huge, refreshing change when you first start watching it, but after a while you start to notice that the Korean stuff has it’s own pattern. But I still really like it. The #1 reason to love Korean TV series is because they always end! None of that “canceled after airing one season, and ending on a massive cliff hanger shit!!!” that happens to the majority of American shows. Even if the show is getting low ratings, they soldier on and finish what they started. Oh yeah; and every fictional series is always one season! It might be as few as 10 eps or as many as 54 eps, but they air 1 or 2 eps a week until they are done and that’s it! Another great reason is that 99% of the time the actresses are just so beautiful! ;-p I’m a Gen Xer so I think women with tattoos and/or non-ear piercings are trashy as hell. I can only think of one time I saw a woman with a tattoo; it was a Korean movie and she got one and her friend got a matching one.

Okay, enough about that, I’ll get to responding to the main point of your post. I’ve got a lot of great suggestions, IMHO of course. :wink:
I’ll get the two British ones out of the way first:
Jekyll - It’s actually a 6 episode mini-series instead of traditional TV series. It’s a modern take on the Jekyll & Hyde story and it’s damn good!
Coupling - By sheer coincidence, this show was created by the same man who did Jekyll; one of the stars of Coupling even stars in Jekyll. Prior to watching this series I thought SOAP was the funniest TV series I had ever seen. But Coupling managed to blow away even SOAP; no matter how many times I watch it I laugh. He was paid to attempt an American version of the show which was truly awful and should be avoided at any cost. There are 4 seasons, but remember that the UK considers 6-9 eps to be a full season, so there aren’t really very many eps. This series by far is the one that I would recommend most to anyone reading this if they will only watch one series.

Okay, now all the American shows…
Dead Like Me - Two seasons and a movie. The series is fantastic but the movie sucked, mostly because two of the characters were replaced. But it did give some closure so it’s worth the watch.

Wonderfalls - From the same guy that made Dead Like Me. Only one season before it was cancelled. But luckily instead of ending on a cliffhanger, the last ep can actually be looked upon as a satisfying series finale, IMHO.

Z Nation - Who knew the SyFy channel was capable of making something that didn’t suck like a dozen sharknado movies? This was done during the Walking Dead time, but with a good amount of humor mixed in with the drama and action. Lots of great characters and interesting stories. The bad part? Aired for 5 seasons and didn’t get a proper ending.

Falling Skies - Alien invasion series that was relatively more realistic than other alien invasion series or movies. Pretty damn good SFX for a TV series. Used long story arcs instead of self-contained eps, which helped the show feel more immersive. Ran for 5 seasons and got a proper ending! The bad part? The ending was boring and formulaic; it almost ruined the 5th season. Still definitely worth the watch though. A nice bonus is that it stars 3 really beautiful actresses, which of course never hurts a show. :wink:

Invasion - Was shitcanned after one season on a huge cliffhanger, so I can’t tell you if it was an alien invasion show or not. But it has good characters and an interesting story. Am still really pissed it got cancelled. It takes place in Homestead, Florida, but obvious Los Angeles sets were obvious, especially the sets that were supposed to be the Everglades.

American Gothic - Sheriff of small town appears to be Satan? Or maybe just a demon since he doesn’t seem very powerful a lot of the time… He targets a young boy who is somehow a threat to him. The boy has a dead sister whose ghost he can see and tries to help him. As usual, ran for one season and ended on a cliffhanger. And CBS even aired some of the eps in the wrong order which made it confusing to watch! The DVD release corrects that at least. Seemed like it could have been really good but didn’t get to run long enough to find out. Not a must-see show, but recommended if you like paranormal shows.

Space: Above And Beyond - Space sci-fi show that was on in the beginning years of the Fox network. Humans have traveled to other planets but haven’t found any aliens yet. That changes when a human colony is wiped out. So we go to war against an enemy that no one has seen in person and lived to tell about it. The story is about a squadron of fighter pilots aboard a space aircraft carrier. Good SFX at the time and the show was definitely interesting. And you guessed it; it ran for one season and was shitcanned…

Jericho - Conspiracy show about some secret govt group that nukes like 20 major American cities so they can take over the country. The show takes place in the small town of Jericho, Nebraska, and follows how they handle it. Cancelled after one season naturally, but a letter writing campaign got it brought back for a half second season. And no, of course it didn’t get an ending.

The New Outer Limits - Everyone knows about the old black & white TV series The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, but in the 90s there was 7 seasons of Outer Limits made. There are LOTS of REALLY great episodes in those 7 seasons; I highly recommend this series if this kind of show is your cup of tea.

The last one I can think of is one I mentioned with Coupling; SOAP. 70s TV series that was a parody of daytime soap operas. 4 seasons of funny storylines. And as you already have guessed by now, it ended on a huge cliffhanger. It wasn’t cancelled because it had low ratings, it was because some bible-thumpers got offended by it and threatened to boycott any advertisers. It worked. So the first case of cancel culture is older than most people know…

THE TICK!!! The best superhero cartoon ever made. You want to watch the original cartoon though not the crappy live action done later.

@WilliamPayne good one, the villians are “unique” (avoiding what could be spoilers, as part of the fun is watching the unique nature of villians and heroes super-powers). But do think the show deserves a disclaimer that this is not like a typical superhero show, its a different take!

@SirReptitious the American business model is “milk” a show as much os possible (recall the 22-24 epi per season that ruined a lot of shows). The Simpsons is the best worst of example of that…its still on! :confused:.

Coupling (UK) indeed a good one…the spiderman scene engraved in mind it is! :slight_smile: not as great but a good watch in the same line - only 6 epis: London Irish.

I recall watching Falling Skies when younger, worse that your comments of US TV, in Portugal, in 80’s/90s, many shows started but then they not only changed the airtime but sometimes didnt buy the rights for the last seasons! (e.g. Jericho!)

Am currently watching American Gothic!

SAAB was amazing despite the single season! Good recommendation!

Correction: Need to check out “Falling Skies”, actually confused it with “Dark Skies” :sweat_smile:

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Hmm, you seem to be aware of good shows already, so I guess I didn’t give you many new ones you didn’t know about. Oh well, I tried! :wink:

Thats one of the plus of aging, at certain point one has see and done a lot :wink: plus started this post not just for myself but to other who want to watch something different but may not know where to start - beyond to what is/was popular. Humans have a terrible habit of always chasing whats new and the new shiny thing and tend to forget some great stuff from the past.

Me too. I’m Gen X who watched tons of TV as a kid and until about 20 years ago used to go see at least one movie a week in theaters. So I’ve seen LOTS of TV series and movies. I’ve only been to a theater once since 2004 and that was to see Gravity in 3D. It was a good movie and fun to watch in 3D. But at $14.25 for the cheapest viewing(afternoon on a weekday), price was the reason I stopped going to theaters. For the same or less I could buy it on disc and get any deleted scenes and commentary tracks too. No 3D, but while that’s fun it’s not critical.

Yes, rather a big difference between Dark Skies and Falling Skies. I just got around to watching Dark Skies a few months ago. It was good. That’s the one with the married couple going around as spies for the govt and happen to around during famous events IIRC. But I enjoyed Falling Skies a lot more.

Seeing you say “Humans” reminded me I forgot about another spectacular UK series, Humans. It’s about sentient androids. Ran for 3 seasons so there aren’t many eps. Ended on a scientifically retarded cliffhanger, but still well worth watching up till the final episode.

BTW, since you mentioned watching Korean/Japanese content, let me know if you want me to tell you which ones I have seen so far I would recommend.

Depending on the author am gen X or a millennial, and can relate. Know some people in the USA and the price tickets are really expensive over there - not yelling at cloud speech, but a fact: its 2x less expensive here and I too gave up on it, as the movie quality has dropped, plus previews, plus ads before the films…

Share away, as for Korean/Japanese content, not necessary old timey (as most as classics like GITS), but I would suggest:

South Korea:

  • Kingdom: a different take on zombies.
  • Hellbound: this show definitely deserved to be as popular as Squid Game.

Japan: both shows are good examples of creativity based on a very simple premise spelled out by the title. Its amazing how can make a show interesting/good,

  • One Punch Man
  • Chainsaw Man

I will definitely have to check out Kingdom since I like zombies. Strangely I never watched Squid Game; it just didn’t sound very interesting to ME.

I’ll post my SK picks when I have the time later. I’m in Tampa so I am scurrying around to get ready for the hurricane. It’s not supposed to hit us, but we are within the margin of error. And last year and 2005 we were directly in the bullseye and a few hours before they were supposed to hit they suddenly turned to the east and hit far south of us. So if they are wrong again this time and that happens again we would get a direct hit… I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and this shit is really getting old.

Hope the storm has passed, on the side of the pond rain is a thing but not hurricane level, although it can get nasty.
Looking forward to hear some SK suggestions - in this realm my expertise is limited!

Storm actually hit a bit more west of the forecast so I was lucky and missed any damage. Although you guys don’t get hurricanes, you do get some freak winter storms just like we do. I recall watching a documentary on YT about the October '87 storm for you. In March of '93 the Eastern U.S. from here in Florida to New England got slammed with wind, rain, snow, and tornadoes.

I just finished watching Kingdom. I’m not a fan of period dramas whether they are European or Korean, so I was already disappointed when I saw it was yet another Joseon Dynasty drama. I thought it was okay; I’ve certainly seen worse. I didn’t like that it had a Hollywood ending instead of a Korean ending, but being made with Netflix I guess they had to compromise on some things. Hopefully Hellbound will be better… BTW since you liked this you should watch the movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. They put in the right amount of humor and zombies and made an enjoyable movie IMHO.

My SK picks:
My Love From Another Star - Sci-Fi, 21 eps. This was the most popular SK TV show in Asia. But Squid Game might have beaten it, IDK. Alien who appears 100% human, eats human food, etc. gets stuck on Earth for about 400 years until the next time his people can come back to rescue him. He was stuck here during the Joseon Dynasty era(naturally) when he saved a member of the royal family from the wind created by the spaceship he was supposed to leave on. So he does what he can to make the best of the situation. A famous actress moves into the condo next to his and totally ruins his quiet, routine life. He has a few super powers that he uses. I really like this series and have watched it several times. The leads have good chemistry, there is a nice touch of humor, and the supporting cast with their storylines are good too.

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho - Fantasy, 16 eps. A gumiho is supposed to be a 9-tailed fox that appears as a woman and feeds on the livers of men. Young man is out in the forest one day and encounters a gumiho that had escaped it’s prison due to a curse. They encounter each other and he helps her, so she basically begs him to help her more since she has no clue about the modern world(yes, you guessed it, she was from the Joseon era!). She adapts quickly and of course causes problems in his life. I like this series too. The starring actress does a great job being this doe-eyed girl in modern times. The subplots are interesting, especially a supporting actor who plays a mysterious character who may or may not be human.

49 Days - Supernatural, 20 eps. Young engaged woman has traffic accident and is in a coma. Her soul is outside her body the whole time she in the coma. A man appears and tells her she has 49 days to complete a certain task or she will die. She is powerless as a ghost but is told that she will be able to use the body of one random woman, who she is shown, while she is asleep, to complete her task. This is one of my favorite Kdramas. Even though it’s supernatural, it’s in the vein of the more usual Kdramas. There is a lot of character growth and lots of plot twists.

Scent Of A Woman - 16 eps. Very traditional Kdrama, but it’s in my top 5 favorites along with 49 Days. 34yr old woman finds out she has terminal cancer when getting a yearly physical. She decides to live the rest of her short life doing what she didn’t allow herself to do before, because she was living as a “responsible person”. As you would expect it’s a very emotional series. The starring actress is fantastic and does a great job.

All That Glitters - 54 eps. This series has been listed under many slightly different names; All That Sparkles, Twinkling, Twinkle Twinkle, Sparkling. I don’t know why the title was so hard to translate. This is a mega-series which means it has over 50 eps. It is another traditional Kdrama. It’s about a woman from a poor family who accidentally discovers that she was switched at birth with another woman who is in a rich family. In addition to the main story between these two women, there is a huge supporting cast with lots of subplots. In fact, I noticed the guy that plays the Prince’s guard in Kingdom is in this series. I really like this series, but it’s hard to recommend because of the amount of time a mega-series takes to watch. And there is no guarantee at all that others would like it just because I did.

I Need Romance 3 - Romance, 16 eps. Although this is #3, each number was a separate cast and story. I’ve never seen 1 or 2. This series is what it says on the tin; no more, no less. I love it for two reasons. The first is that the star is just gorgeous, she looks fantastic all the time. Her hair, makeup and clothes are always perfect. She does a great job acting attractive too. The second reason is the cinematography. It’s best of any SK series I’ve ever seen. It was filmed in the winter but most of the sets, especially her house, have perfect, warm lighting. This series is what film students should aspire to for non-action movies in terms of lighting, sets, ambience. The story is simple but that’s okay. It’s just there for you to watch the beautiful people on the beautiful sets.

There are about a dozen other series I have watched that were cute and/or fun to watch, but weren’t what I call memorable.