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Which is your favorite game


Life is Strange.


Ha I just revisited C&C this weekend playing skirmishes on Generals Zero Hour. I pulled Red Alert 3 from Origin too but ain’t played yet.


I have also played a lot of c&c generals zero hour with my cousin back in the day.
Days and days of fun :slight_smile:


Star Citizen. So much so that I activally avoid playing it. I could lose days/weeks in that game.


I have both PC and console games, but my most favorite game is Destiny 2. My friends and I are totally crushed over this game. We just play Destiny 2 all the time, the game play of this game is totally amazing. Also, we got this game at such great discount after the subscription on PS4, this was the best deal I’ve ever got. My friend found this site while surfing over the internet and The Witcher 3 is also one of my favorites.


Favorite of all time, Albion or NWN.
Current favorite at the moment has to be Fallout 76, been really hoarding stuff and building better and better X-01’s. That and melee blowing up cars that people are standing beside. Feels good killing level 90+ mobs in 2-3 hits with my trusty Super Sledge. Still needs a bunch of fixes though, that and they should probably make the cars in the first starter areas so they can’t blow up. Trying to get to level 200 atm, I mean I only really need to get to level 87 to have all the skills I need but there is no kill like overkill.


All time - Patapon series… Even 3 have a lot of good things in it…
In the last 10 years - Hand of Fate 1, Dark Souls 1, Skyrim, Banished, Cities Skylines…
Recently played - Euro Truck Simulator 2. That game is time vampire…


Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-CU) - the greatest mmo experiment and resulting dumpster fire ever.