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Which headphones is best?


I am looking for headphones under 100. I have been suggested by one of my friend sennheiser urbanite should I go for these cans?


ok, so i guess the simplest way to break it down is that a headphone having your preferred sound signature is going to be the most important thing and is largely subjective. People could easily prefer a $100 pair of headphones to a $1,000 pair of headphones if the sound signature of the $100 headphones is what they prefer. Ideally you should go to a store with a range of brands and listen to a bunch of headphones, even ones well above your price range and then when you find one you really like the sound signature of, you can either buy it if its the right price, or look it up online, find out how audiophiles describe that headpone’s sound signature and then find a cheaper pair that has a similarly described sound signature. If you can’t go to a store and find headphones you like, you might decide on a favorite genre of music, and then buy headphones that are described as good for that genre or at least find out what audiophiles say is good for that genre and find headphones with that described sound signature.

A lot of people really like sennheiser headphone’s, but my Sennheiser 598s were the biggest disappointment of my audiophile life.



@EightiethRaptor, those are great but without knowing what the cans are supposed to be used for and even more important what the preferred sound signature is, they could be totally wrong for @Alston.

What is the best car? … Depends, right? Same thing.


Venture Electronics Monks. Best $5 you could spend :^)

But I second the SHP9500. Yes, sound signature is subjective but build quality isn’t. Besides, you can always us an EQ.


Koss portapros are an oft-recommended budget option


The build isn’t as great as others in that price range and no, you can’t change headphones that lack low end into bass cans. You will only make them sound worse.


Pfft! Are you kidding me? With enough sound dampening materials and bass boost you can make a pair of Grado’s sound like Beats :stuck_out_tongue:

But let’s just make a list of $100 headphones and describe their sound signature. From warm/dark sounding headphones(like the SHP9500) to bright headphones like Grado’s S80e’s.


Yeah, worse, like I said. :wink:
And the SHP9500 are anything but dark or warm.

And no, I won’t be recommending anything as long as I don’t here a bit more from OP.
Because it really does not make any sense.


chances are the OP is just backlinking to something they wrote or want to promote, you see it a lot in forums on the growth trajectory of L1T


You’re right, take a look at the profile.



If you want open back, or the best sound quality for the dollar, I have to agree with the Philips SHP9500. For home though where I don’t mind having open back headphones, I use HD 558’s. To me, I would pick the Philips SHP9500’s over them as they sound basically the same to me, are just as comfortable, but are half the price!

If you want closed back/something to block outside noise, there are actually 2 REALLY good choices:

For the best sound/$, check out the Monoprice 8323 Hi-Fi DJ headphones. They are SUPER cheap ($16), built surprisingly well, removable cable, and have a very balanced sound that is easy to drive. I actually use these at work in the machine shop because they are so cheap that I don’t mind what happens to them, yet are ‘good enough’ to satisfy my taste for all day wearing. Not the most comfortable pair, but they work.

If you want something like the Monoprice 8323, are OK with a super long coiled cable, and want something that is built like a tank with super balanced sound (like for music production), than the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro’s come in at almost exactly $100, and are much more comfortable (for me at least) than the Monoprice cans. I would normally pick these over the Monoprice ones any day of the week, but at work I am in an oily/messy environment walking around, so the replaceable cable/cheap price of the Monoprice won out, and they are ‘good enough’ on comfort and overall quality that I seriously can’t complain!

The current Sennheiser 4.** series are complete garbage. Sound quality is barely there, and they are just CHEAP in every way. There are so many good options out there though, so it is hard to recommend even just a few.


Shit, I think you’re right…sigh. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!





@alston, if you’re going to link to your own stuff, don’t do it under false pretenses.

Just ask for critiques of your article, or ask what people here think of your recommendations.


SEO level: godlike. :rofl:
Mods, please, delete (don’t just lock) the thread. And ban the motherfucker.


I think that’s a bit harsh. I link to my own writing occasionally, but only when it’s relevant to the discussion or educational for someone asking a question, or if it saves me writing a long, drawn out explanation all over again.

Others promote their youtube channels, books, and music (@wolfleben, @HEXcellerate, @Cavemanthe0ne, etc) without it being a problem.

I think the key is disclosure. This person was being dishonest to hit a little bit more CPM.


Exactly. And btw, this kind of “dishonesty” is actually illegal in some countries, which is why you’ve suddenly started seeing all those “full disclosure: I’m affiliated with…”, “I was paid to…” and “full disclosure: I’ve got it for free…” prefaces in youtube videos a couple years ago.


SHP9500 is great for the ~$60 and cheaper range. Highs are a bit grainy and it is a bit bass light when compared to much more expensive cans, but they are great picks at that price range.

Not sure if you need open or closed cans though. Other alternatives would be the HD 558, ATH-M40X, and Status Audio CB-1.


I’m aware that it’s illegal, but it’s also entirely unenforceable. It’s really up to the online community to decide where they want to draw the line.

Personally I’m a fan of a less restrictive approach, as places like reddit largely use their anti-self promotion rules as leverage to entrench a certain platform or opinion instead of its ‘intended’ use as anti-spam policy.

Point being: self promotion should be OK, as long as you aren’t doing it on the sly.