Where can I get HQ movies? 4k and dts

Hello sir/madam,

where could I get high quality movies, I’d be looking at 4k 60fps but 1080p 60fps is also sweet. I would like a solid copy that I can own not like a youtube movie version where the quality is determined by the internet. Eventhough I have 100Mb up down it doesn’t let me stream with 1080p.

I thought blurays would be okay, but heard they are not that high quality.

UHD Blu-ray is probably the highest quality you can get.


BluRay is basically the best you can legally own and the quality can be superb. The bitrate is insane. A 120minute movie of 50GB will be 50000/120/60 = ~70 MBit, and that’s why you can’t stream them :slight_smile:

A 1:1 rip of a BR movie will be somewhere between 25 and 100GB, so prepare your wallet for some new harddrives :smiley:

The legality of ripping and storing a backup is a clusterduck to figure out, so consult a lawyer before attempting.


Still doable when download speeds exceed 11MBps


That’s not even much. got like 10 hdds laying around.

I thought about having them on a plex server

Movies aren’t generally recorded in 60fps so you’re not going to find a source in 60 most of the time.


I know, some have atleast more than 25 fps I noticed it when the motion gets really smooth like in Avengers Endgame

Yes the speeds are doable but for a service streaming over the internet, any megabit saved is more people/server.

A 1:1 rip refers to a full copy of the bluray without reencoding. You save a bunch of gigabytes by doing a remux, i.e. removing unused audio formats/extra content and FBI warnings.

You can host them on plex, no problems there.

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Endgame was 46fps which is pretty uncommon. The vast majority are going to be 24

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Maybe, but no one offers 70mbit streams. I think they cap out at 30.

Blu-ray is the only option I’m aware of to get the highest quality release of a movie.


I suppose he could open up his own theater and build his own IMAX for the highest quality. Seems tedious though.


I could build cat8(40Gbps) ethernet cables from house to house so people could watch the movies over plex with high quality.

If I watch a movie, it damned be pleasing for my eyes or atleast funny enough to look over it but when the quality goes to 480 and less then I’ll rather get the movie of putlockers or so.

Well if you came here to ask where you can torrent bluray rips then you’re in the wrong place.


I’m not asking, there is a knowledge.

So how do they sell these UHD blurays? are they a different color do they have a tag or something?

Any 4k Blu-ray is considered UHD


Just a Q here: What about AI enhancing the 1080p 24 movies to 4k 60fps?

Yes but how do I see the difference to a normal bluray?

NHK’s 4K and 8K satellite service is the place to get the highest quality stuff on the planet right now. NHK’s 8K 60fps back catalog is HUGE.

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I kind of have the feeling that normal coaxial wont be enough to see even 1080p

It literally says 4K ULTRA HD across the top

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IPTV is worse. It compresses 4K 60p to 12mbps.

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Interesting. But there are 4k channels and it looks okay. Maybe iptv doesn’t have a cap but a service side cap on how much they push?