What's your favourite game of all time?

Alright folks, I’ve been known to make TL;DR posts on videogame topics but I’ll spare you for this one.

Easily, my favorite game of all time is Half Life. The original Goldsrc version. The source engine port is good but the feel of the game changed somewhat. Black Mesa, the remake/redesign mod was good but the spirit of the original did not carry through as well as I would have liked. Half Life 2 is a close 2nd.


Quake 3

Was my first real online gaming experience, and met “online” friends who I still talk to/game with to this day roughly 16-17 years later.


Dragon Warrior 3. Paid $45 for a used cart in the mid 90’s after getting burned out playing FF3US (FF6) for almost 2 years. I was a big fan of the Dragon Warrior games and that one is still my favorite.

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Deus Ex, followed closely by Mass Effect. Maybe Max Payne.


Theif 2: The Metal Age
Absolutely a joy start to finish, though really hard at times

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are you in to fan-made half life things? Played Transmission: element 120 and it had some unique parts that I wish were in the original game, its a short game but pretty fun.


Thanks for the heads up.

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I can’t say I have. I have heard of them, though. The last one I recall was Minerva but that was a while back.

Star Wars Battlefront II.

Medal of Honor Rising Sun.

Mario Party 5.

Black Ops.

I love them all equally.

Burnout 3: Takedown, such a frenetic game, i miss it a lot!


Neverwinter Nights 1, I’m actually going to get it again either from GOG or Beamdog as my CDs no longer read - when I deem I have enough spare time to game again. I aim to finish the campaign at last.

Mine would have to be Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

Got that when it came out, then the diamond edition. Both ended up getting stored and I couldn’t find them so I got it on GoG. Hard to misplace GoG…

All the hours spent perfecting a monk/druid/shifter build, and I still got every save and module I made. And now I got to install it because I feel like playing my Kung Fu Red Dragon…

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Star Wars Galaxies was mine, and I still continue to play once in a while, when I can get a group together.

starcraft 1 & cs 1.6 :grin:

The games I’ve had the most fun playing is Super Smash Bros N64, Counter Strike 1.5, Battlefield 1942 and vanilla WoW.
In more recent times, Uncharted, The Last of Us and Life is Strange.

I’m another for Fallout 3. Great turn based fun and hours and hours of game play. Followed closely by an old game Dark Colony also many hours spent on that one. Haven’t really been into the new stuff because of lack of time and not a huge fan of DLC, online play, microtransactions, etc. I loved when you could just buy a game, actually own it and play it without all of the online overhead and extra costs.

Ark: Survival Evolved.

I’ve put more hours into that game than any other combined.

I’ve got a private server and some good friends to play with. Love it.

Ridiculously difficult question… For me it’s impossible.
I play a game whenever the mood strikes. More often than not that’s Carball, but I’ve had a growing itch for minecraft lately which sucks because tax season is coming so I know I can’t start that game up for months…

Skyrim is fantastic, I’ve had a blast with car mechanic simulator 18 lately as well.
Tomba! is probably my favorite ps1 series of games, both are amazing. Gex and Crash Bandicoot are a close second though.
There are just too many games for me to pick from, and I’m too fickle to say which is my favorite of all time.

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River Raid on my old Atari VCS. Spent many hours of my childhood playing that one.

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