What's your favourite game of all time?

Mine is DotA/DotA2. What’s yours?

In recent memory it would have to be The Last of Us.

The game I can always play and enjoy is Roller Coaster Tycoon. But I will lie, if I say “this is my most favorite ever”. It’s actually Patapon series for the PSP. I love even P3, exactly because of all the liberties it has taken with the series.
Gameplay is fun, music is awesome, cuteness factor is off the charts, it’s challenging, it’s great. I love everything about it.

Probably have to go with Fallout 3. That game blew my mind when it came out. Great story.

Recent game probably uncharted series, no idea of all time that’s impossible to pick for me

The Witcher 3. It turned out to be everything that I ever wanted from a game and more.

It’s a tough one… I think it would have to be Half-Life though.

Civilization V with Vox Populi mod, that game is pure heroin to me.

Between neverwinter nights 1 and factorio.

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Gothic 2 - Night of the Raven is my all-time favorite. Loving the series in general. :smiley:

Vanilla World of Warcraft. No question.

The experience of a game like that, a real digital world populated with thousands of other people at a point in time when modem or ISDN speeds were standard around here… that was mindblowing. Online gaming has never been better and never will be as good again, regardless of how much trouble you had to go trough to make it happen.


I would go with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. the whole franchise and the endless mods/standalone mods. The setting, lore, atmosphere just everything is so good. Also many Cheaky Breakys to be had.

oh, gee, you didn’t even limit it to videogames, but any game…

i think i have to say Team Fortress 2. When i built my first desktop, it was one of the first games, maybe the first game i bought for it. Its a FPS I fell in love with. Despite having played and loved a lot of older FPS on the family computer, TF2 stood out, its the game that made me invest the time to become really really good at FPS. If it wasn’t for TF2, i might not have a desktop today. Always chasing the next great FPS to replace it, but never really happening. I have over 2600 hours logged into that game. I’m going to play a couple matches before work right now :slight_smile:

if someone could come up with a really cool looking idea for a TF2 tattoo, let me know.

Oh, in that case, my most favorite game of all time is definitely “hide the sausage”… No videogame can ever offer you such feeling of accomplishment and pleasure when the game ends…


Favorite PC game is a tie for me with witcher 3 for its story, and Space Engineers for its creative mode where I can make any ship I want.
Favorite nintendo game: Mario and luigi Super Star Saga
Favorite Xbox game: Halo Combad Evolved or Halo Reach
Favorite PLayStation Game: Rachet And Clank (any)
Favorite Dreamcast game: Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offence
Favorite board game: Monopoly (I like destroying friendships in that game haha
favorite card game is a tie between Yugioh or Hearthstone or Cards Against Humanity

Same here, my first proper RPG series and G2 NOTR is amazing. An honest tie though is Witcher 3 for me.

How about hours spent playing?

Back in the early two thousands I was in a competitive clan playing Medal of Honour, 40 hours a week for a little over 3 years. So that over six thousand hours. Some time later we played Battlefield 2, we were no longer competitive and I guess I was played around 20 hours a week for two/three years.

The most resent hour sink was Dayz, both the mod and then later the stand alone game. I must have thousands of hours devoted to Dayz. I rarely play it these days but damn I loved the hours spend wandering the wilderness avoiding other players if at all possible.

These days I find myself watching others play more than playing myself.

My hour sink currently is Space engineers with 2127 hours lol

Just Cause 3.

Favorite of all time until I got Jc3 is:

It’s basically Starsky & Hutch + Mad Max + MechWarrior with a Disco Funk soundtrack.


the first Borderlands