What's your favorite proxy? Asking for a video we are making

We are making a video on web security. We plan to cover SSL, proxys, tor, freenet, anonymous linux distros, and sneaks tricks... It's for privacy, not piracy!

Anyway, there are a lot of proxy servers out there and I want to know what everyone likes. Perhaps there are some that I do not know about. I tend to favor eastern European ones and Japanese ones, but let me know what you like...

Also, let me know if there is anything else you would like to see covered in this video.

All I know is never trust a proxy of VPN that doesn't accept Bitcoin

I use http://www.hidemyass.com/vpn/ mainly beacuse it let's you choose server location on the fly. I tunnel from the UK to US to watch things on the US netflix that arn't on the UK one, but for other uses i just tunnel to somwhere closes.



or http://www.proxynova.com/ is cool too

I mostly use the Tor network https://www.torproject.org/


I would recommend not using hidemyass for... reasons only known to us and that I am not liberty to speak of on the internet... For simple netflix, use http://www.unblock-us.com/. The trouble is that unblock-us does not support many websites. It's not a true vpn either... but it works for netflix. 

great idea for a video...can't wait to see it


I use IPredator..


People cry about PPTP but honestly for the price and what I need It works for me.

Google DNS or OpenDNS with IPv6 disabled and you're set.

I run these tests (1 | 2) to make sure nothing is leaking (and I have a Firewall rule to prevent anything from uTorrent leaking after I disconnect).

As for a web proxy.. well.. I google it.

I shall elaborate for him.

Hidemyass = logs. 

And other things :D

proxies shouldn't be considered part of security over the internet, all they can do is hide a traceroute from the other side of the proxy, but between you and the proxy though your traffic is still open, using a vpn connection is much better as it encrypts the traffic between you and your vpn server

however, you can use a proxy in conjunction with your firewall as an added layer of security for your lan, something like squid as a transparent http proxy blocking malicious and tracking pages


edit: personally i have a PPTP server setup as part of my PFSense install and i VPN home when i need security, or to bypass a firewall or content filter

 I like TOR because it seems to  work all the time.  Great for when networks at places like schools, which block the most random shit.  Also I don't like the idea of network admins knowing what I am looking at.  

Hey Logan, mind talking about the bad rep TOR gets from people abusing it?  I usually try to avoid using it in networks that are tied to my identity because while admins cant tell what youre using TOR, for they know that you ARE using it.  And admins usually like to assume the worst of you.  

Also I have been looking into installing a linux distro that is focused on privacy on a USB stick.  I suggest everyone to do this, never trust public computers.  Also I suggest having TOR (.exe and .app) on a USB stick with the noscript plugin enabled.  

I use a custom proxy I built through Google Appspot. I would share it with you, but it I only have limited data throughput on it. It isn't fancy, but it lets me look at blocked websites over the stupid school firewall.

Also check out stunnel (very limited experience with this), privoxy, and freecap.  Used in conjunctoin with TOR is a good idea as welll.  

A better explanation than I could provide, taken from somewhere:

"Stunnel encrypts the data between you and your news server and is very simple to use.

Freecap is also easy to setup and acts as the bridge between Stunnel and Tor.

Tor is a connection-based low-latency (meaning fast) anonymous communication system that protects TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) streams for Usenet, web browsing, instant messaging (IM), internet relay chat (IRC), Secure Shell (SSH), etc.

In basic language Tor is a socks server that accepts and encrypts data from any program that is "socksified", meaning set up to communicate with it.

Tor is a new program and is still in experimental mode. But it is still a fully functioning Socks proxying system that offers the promise of great anonymity and privacy. It is free and open source. It is supported by the Electronic Freedom Foundation, a web based charity dedicated to freedom of speech online.

Tor will build automatically and transparently to the client (you) an anonymous and encrypted route across the Net. It uses multiple layers of encryption, each node only knowing the previous and next node, so with several nodes your data becomes anonymized. The principle is like an onion with many layers of encryption and anonymity. Thus it is called onion routing.

Remember, the data is encrypted both by Tor which uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) and by Stunnel which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as it leaves your desktop through your ISP and on into the Tor network. Where it exits the Tor network it continues onwards as SSL encrypted data on its way to the news server or wherever.

For Web browsing we need Privoxy. This again acts as a bridge between your browser and Tor.

A web proxy is a service, based on a software such as Privoxy, that clients (i.e. browsers) can use instead of connecting directly to the web servers on the Internet. The clients then ask the proxy to fetch the objects they need (web pages, images, movies etc) on their behalf, and when the proxy has done so, it hands the results back to the client.

There are many reasons to use web proxies, such as firewalling (security), caching (efficiency) and others, and there are just as many different proxies to accommodate those needs.

Privoxy is a proxy that is solely focused on privacy protection and junk elimination. Sitting between your browser and the Internet, it is in a perfect position to filter outbound personal information that your browser is leaking, as well as inbound junk. It uses a variety of techniques to do this, all of which are under your control via the various configuration files and options. This need not be a concern as the latest Vidalia bundle from the Tor Website now includes Privoxy with Tor and does all the setup for you transparently. It also includes the Torbutton which is a very useful feature that allows immediate choice of direct or via the Tor network connections.

Privoxy will bridge the connection between your browser and Tor the Socks proxy host. It will minimize pop up ads, etc. But its main advantage is it will help prevent information leakage from your desktop to any third party trying to sniff your data. Used in conjunction with Tor it ensures all your Web browsing is totally anonymous.

There is no need to close Privoxy if you wish to use your news client or whatever. These programs are totally transparent to you once they are running. "


TOR, but I used to use an https proxy while at school to get around the filters to youtube. the proxies were by camolist, but the school unblocked youtube last year. not much need for anything but TOR anymore, as my university doesn't care what you do, within reason, as long as your not torrenting. really nice to have 300 mbit internet, with wifi everywhere, set up with a seamless transition.

The trouble with TOR is this: 

  1. The Tor exit node can see everything you are doing and it is tied to you. The feds are probably running thousands of exit nodes... and they are attacking other end users that run exit nodes. 
  2. If someone wants to monitor you, they can easily break into your local wifi and use wireshark to see everything you do. 

The linux distros have some great features... but you will have to take additional steps to make tor really secure. 

I'm was using IPVanish VPN. I was doing a bit of research on it and it seems to be pretty solid and not keeping logs on what goes in and out. They said that they do monitor connections on occasion for quality purposes but take it as you will. They also do dynamic, so every time you connect to the VPN you get a new IP and there are multiples places across the world that you can connect to. The speed seems to be good for me, there is slightly higher ping for gaming but by no means didn't make unplayable. It's not the perfect VPN but it is pretty good and supports IPSec/OpenVPN.

iam from Saudi Arabia so all porn or +18 wepsite are locked and any thing that is Against the government so you need a proxy all the time what do think is good for me to use i use hotspot shield is it good or bad please lit me know and sorry for my bad english 

I ussually use Tor as a proxy

i have a VPS.... i dont keep logs... i tunnel trafic though an ssh.


but for most people, if you want to circumvent blocks, i suggest hosting your own ssh at home and using putty or bitvise tunneler to connect. if you need to keep your identity private, i would go with proXPN last time i used it it was free, with unlimited data (bandwidth capped though). back when i used it, they didnt log, now they log for 14 days. however they use a 512 bit encryption, so unless your doing something illegal, it will be fine.


also, logan. tor uses a minimum of 3 node jumps. so the exit node can see where you are going but they can not see who is requesting the information. so unless the person controls enough exit nodes and intermitant nodes to get your trafic to go though both of them, they would not be able to track it back to you.

that being said, i used to have a friend who 'suposedly' had an exit nodes that handeled about 35-40% of tors trafic.

Anyone wanna help me get Foxy Proxy rollin' on my Cyber School laptop?

It has barracuda firewall, which normally I wouldn't mess with. But for about 2 months I'll have no other computer available because my HP Dv6 Laptop burnt up, literally. Like melted pieces fell out of the charger and my laptop had smoke coming out of it. So, I need a way to get a proxy of some sort going on this thing and can't use any banned sites to get it going. I'm actually pretty surprised this site wasn't blocked...gonna be spending alot of time here I guess. Haha. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm not too used to the layout of the site and making threads etc.