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What's Your Daily Carry?


Not sure if anybody would be into this, but I like seeing what peoples daily carry is. What you bring with you on a daily basis. I'll Start!

I take this bag with me everywhere. It's my man purse. It's a Chrome Mini Buran. If you haven't used, or heard of Chrome bags before, you'll never use anything else. They come at a high price tag, but you get a life time warranty, and a bag built with extreme quality.   

I've done a few mods to mine though, I made this band out of para-cord and melted the back end together. The strap hangs down in the front and can get annoying, this just keeps it all tight and together. Anyone who has a Chrome bag knows what I'm talking about. Also did the same with the rear straps. 

Yes... When I'm on the go I am a Apple user. (Someone show me a laptop with a track pad as good as the MacBook and maybe I'll consider switching.) I have a 120gb SSD for mac, and a 160gb HDD for bootcamp.

I'm a tech, and these are the tools that I carry to job sights. For the most part these get me though the day. Some times I'll carry some screw drivers but I try to keep those at the office. I try to keep my bag as light as possible. Working in the city sometimes you have to park far, and carrying my bag and a PC tower can suck. 

I carry two thumb drives. My favorite of the two is the Kingston Data Traveler. I have 3 of those things. The one in the photo I use everyday. It's 32gb and I used Yumi to create my own ISO-Stick. It has about 20gb of different Boot-Tools and Linux Distros: Plus Win7 install disk.

The power supply tester is always very useful. One of my favorite pieces of tech is the flashlight. It's an LED light, runs off one AA, and is extremely bright and can shine a beam over 100 yards. 

Alright now it's your turn.



minus the blue mirror



Do you even keychain bro?!?!

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As a high school student, most places I go I have to also bring a backpack; one  of the advantages of this is that I may bring a lot more stuff then the average person could with just there pockets soo yeah that's pretty sweet. Also just pretend that there is a nexus 5 in the picture (i was using that to take the picture lol). Also insert said backpack and schoolwork ;P



i have 2 key chains...



iPod 4g, pencil, pen. That's about all I have lol



I did the same thing, Alwayssss had my gameboy color in my bag when I was in highschool lol. Are those the m50's?



I'd need bigger pockets.. I wish I had one key for every lock.



Outside of College

  1. A Pen
  2. Nexus 5
  3. Wallet
  4. Keys

When I'm in College

  1. Misfits (Band) Backpack
  2. Pens
  3. Pencils
  4. Textbooks
  5. Notebooks
  6. Dell Venue 8 Pro 
  7. Stylus
  8. Wallet
  9. Keys
  10. Nexus 5




water, lenovo g570, wallet, mechanical pencil, black pen, sharpie, highlighter, post-its, nail clipper, earbuds, Nokia Lumia 630, 5 subject notebook, 2 folders, bottle of nutritional yeast, napkins, 2 flash drives(one for linux, one for documents), watch, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, mini usb cable, glasses, and a scientific calculator all in a jansport backpack



My CCW, which is usually a Glock .26 or a Sig P226, Strider SMF CC Carbon Fiber, Oneplus One, keys, wallet, LED flashlight.



one 1911, two magazines, a flashlight, a Gerber multiplier, a massive key chain, a seiko 5 on a Zulu band. a 4 gig Sandisk cruiser, a 16 gig kingston, a kershaw Shallot, a Smiths sharpening stone, a Swisstech wallet, a Parker Vector, a small graph book, and a pair of foster grants.


not pictured- Nexus 5 in an trident aegis



Phone, pen and camera. No bag. I use my pockets.

Samsung S4 Mini

Phone (smallest i could find) with pen.

Sony RX100 and pen.

Camera (Sony RX100 Mark iii) and pen.

  • No bag
  • Pen is very useful
  • The camera is great. It's a new addition, but i have been using it almost daily. Syncs with phone at a touch (NFC)
  • I like to stay light. When i wear a jacket, i can barely feel any of these items and i don't need to change what I carry if i'm dressed casually or more formally


+1 to the 1911. That is what i first thought when I read daily carry. (Although I have one I  don't carry a 1911. Too big and heavy IMO.) Walther PPQ here



Walther PPQ (9mm), Two 15rd Magazines loaded with 124gr +P Gold Dots. In either a shoulder holster or Fobus on the hip depending on what I'm wearing. 

Solo Messenger Bag or Samsonite Backpack depending on if I take my car or motorcycle (helmet then as well)

Asus UX301LA (i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) 




Earbuds with Mic (Came with my GS4. Sound decent enough for me) 


Watch (Cheap Timex. Thing will not die) 



Samsung Galaxy S4

Depending on the work that day I may also carry

Amazon Basics DSLR Bag (Love this thing. Cheap and well made. Everything I need.) 

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 

Few lenses depending on the day. 

Mini tripod.

BlackRapid Strap 

Two SanDisk Extreme 32GB SD cards



You guys have good taste in handguns.



The camera has NFC build into it?



Nothing like being prepared for anything  .. .lol



¤ In jeans pockets at all times.

Nexus 5 phone with some networking apps. Dealing mostly with home user networks I hardly ever need to look at a network that cannot be accessed wirelessly. And if it can't that tends to mean something has to be replaced or upgraded anyway.

Mini LED flashlight bright enough to shine both inside murky PC's as well as lighting up the random unlit autumn walkway. One AA battery and metal housing makes it perfectly sized and rugged.

USB 3 key, ADATA S102 Pro 16GB, scratched up metal housing, lost keycap. Not necessarily with a lot of tools loaded onto it, but not having one could really hurt. Surprisingly sturdy and very fast to install from.

Mini metal multi-tool. About a dozen things on it but it's mostly the pliers part that gets used. If I'd be so far out as to have to depend on its screw driver I'd be in a shitty place for sure. Might as well bring a basic driver and leave it on site in those cases, lol. Have considered getting just a quality mini combo-plier.



Yes. At a touch, it turns on the camera's wifi, connects to the phone, transfers the files you've picked (or are viewing) and then turns off the camera's wifi. It's very well implemented.

All you have to do to set it up is to download the free Sony Play-memories application. That's it. If you want to use your phone to control your camera, it is possible as well, but you have to set a few options in the menus.

I think you'll see NFC on most cameras as newer models get released. I know the Canon G7X has it. It's similar to the Sony I have.