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What's the most fun/weird/interesting/cool but still practical to own AWD/4WD vehicle?


That Econoline was probably running the Ford C6 transmission, which was their magnum opus. And 1.5 million miles is certainly exceptional. I think you’d agree that is more than any transmission can be expected to last. Sometimes, you get a really good one.


In the engineering statistical analysis class I took in college we talked a lot about durability and toughness of devices, and there’s a concept that basically says if something lasts past a certain threshold without breaking it will effectively last forever. It’s like if a shaft doesn’t warp or snap and teeth don’t break off in a gear train past a certain number of use cycles then the only thing that will eventually bring its death is the erosion of metal-on-metal over time, but there wont be a catastrophic failure. Cool stuff. It applies to electronics in a lot of cases as well.

I think the stock tranny was generally fine, but auto trans maintenance in trucks of that era was super important. I used to work with a guy who had been a master Ford tech for much of his career, and he would talk about how when rebuilding a trans he could ballpark how long it was gonna last based on the consistency of grime in the ATF. ATF drain and refill every 4-6 months? It will last forever. ATF every 9 years? Yeah good luck lol.

I still prefer the 5-speed Allison. :wink:


I see no Lancer Evolution 4/5/6 this list is flawed.


Those are more for the street not the offroad


Good idea! Now if only to find one…

It’s not really an off-roading list. Anything I buy will very rarely get taken offroad, and when it does it’s just to go camping rather then real 4x4 exploring.

That being said, real off-road vehicles make great vehicles in the snow! Got anything in mind?


Are you kidding me Lancers are rally cars you idiot.


No stock mass market vehicle is a rally car, stop insulting people.



You are easy to trigger nowadays huh :stuck_out_tongue:


Brats are super light in the back so they tend to slide out with poor road conditions.

GLs are slower than fucking death. Anything a GL can do an Impreza hatchback can do as well.

Although lifted Outbacks can be pretty interesting vehicles. They get a bit rolly-polly, but pretty much don’t have a problem with weather.


My friend has one. 160k miles, rebuilt thrice.


I’d love to see a Lancer Evo rock crawler, mud bogger, baja trophy truck


I see the Volvo XC has been mentioned, Volvo has a few different cars that would fit this thread, but I’ll share my favorite.
2006-2007 Volvo V70 R
2.5L turbo 5 cylinder
300 HP & torque
6 speed manual
This is an extremely comfortable car that can seat 7 and do 155 MPH (it’s governed there unfortunately).
If you don’t like wagons they have a beautiful sedan as well (S60 R).


I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Subaru SVX yet.


I would presume this characteristic varies vehicle to vehicle and depends on suspension setup/geometry, no?

First glance at a competition rally-spec Evo shows they have the potential. That would be a fun build, but pretty dumb.

They have made it onto my list outside of this thread. Looks like an awesome sleeper car. My mom used to have an XC70 and it was great, but lacked enough power. But with 300 hp? Yes please. Sleeper wagons are great. Do you have a V70 or have you in the past?

Be nice. If your first instinct upon somebody disagreeing with you is to insult them then fuck right off.

I am surprised I’ve never heard of this vehicle. Are they actually, you know, good?


He had me until you said hideous fatlip bumper.

Proud owner of a 2000 sport/highlander edition


Yes, I currently have a 99 V70 GLT that I did a T5 & manual swap on. I’ve also had a 5 speed 2000 C70 convertible with the high presser turbo (240 HP), and a 2002 S60 AWD.

And a few more to add to the list

@kewldude007 this is a “street legal rally car” according to Mazda.

Mazda 323 GTX or GTR it’s AWD but you can lock the center diff to make it 4WD. Unfortunately we Americans got crap compared to the JDM 1.8L.

I own a base model 323 and wanted to do this swap to it.

Mitsubishi L300 are crazy! Not only can you get them with 4WD but most have locking diffs as well.

I wanted to put these axles on a Mighty Max I had.


ok guys, it looks like there is a good deal on an awd Toyota Sienna near me. Can a single guy in his early 30s pull off using a minivan?


Just like my old S10 ZR2… Par for the course :grin:


There was a run of convertible first gen Dakotas. Those are pretty neat. Weak-sauce motor holds those back, but could probably swap it without too much difficulty.

Shame they’re not exactly easy to come by… But a first gen Dakota in general is pretty cool, especially if you get/swap one with a decent motor.



But if you’re asking the question, you probably don’t care. You do you, man.