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What's the most fun/weird/interesting/cool but still practical to own AWD/4WD vehicle?

I have an '05 Duramax that I’m going to be selling later this month as I don’t really do any hauling these days. I’d like to replace it with something that’s AWD/4WD for icy or snowy days, but not necessarily the same utility as a big diesel truck.

Whether off-road capable or not, manufactured any year, what are some of your favorite and interesting AWD/4WD vehicles?

Edit: Seeing as it’s winter and people are shopping for similar vehicles, and also seeing as this thread popped up on a Google search I did while I was at work today, here’s a list of what’s been mentioned, discussed, and recommended. Maybe somebody will find this helpful if they stumble upon this thread.

Isuzu VehiCROSS
Jeep Wrangler TJ /
Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ - ~2000s w/ V8
Toyota 4Runner - Pre-1999
Non-turbo Subarus
Turbo Subarus (WRX)
Audi Quattros
Toyota Sequoia
Suzuki Kizashi
Pre-Chevy Tracker
Toyota FJ
Ford Bronco (or Bronco 2)
Bollinger B1 (if you’re a millionaire)
Honda CR-V - 2001-06
Suzuki Grand Vitara - 1998-2005
Jeep Liberty KJ
Lexus LX450/Lang Cruiser J80
Lifted Subaru Brat
AMC Eagle
AMC Spirit
Volvo XC

A Jeep. Nothing else to it really. I love TJs, and the 2.5 and 4.0 in them are fantastic engines.


3rd generation Toyota 4Runner before 1999 and that hideous fatlip bumper, would say 2nd gen but the the liftgate in the 3rd is better than the tailgate in the 2nd

but I like getting more than 10 mpg so I drive a 2017 Chevy Sonic : /


I owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ) 2002 with the 4.7 V8. What an incredible beast she was.

Mine was more of a pavement pounder right enough, I spent days detailing the paintwork and interior every Spring to keep it looking as new.

Back in early 2010/2011 we had an hell of Winter (for the UK). The snow was literally up to the doors or the car, jumped in to go to work - neighbours out looking at me as if I was nuts. Warmed her up for 5 mins and off we went, no problems at all - showed them! I used her for work during that Winter too, going into soft fields with mud everywhere or deep snow and not once did I get stuck or even need to use the low range box. It was also fast as hell for a truck!

I’ve actually never felt more safe in a car than that Jeep. Didn’t like the WK models on the inside so moved to a Merc CLK and stuck with RWD cars so went in a totally different direction.

My dad went with Merc MLs (2001 and 2008 currently) and I must say they are much nicer to look at and sit in but not as competent off road as that Jeep was.

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Are rebuilds on those motors pretty painless? I presume they would be and parts are easy.

Lol yeah that’s tough. Thankfully this car wouldn’t be an every day daily driver so I can be more lenient on mileage concerns. If I’m using it once or twice a week I’d be all right.

I may end up snagging a Jeep. I was looking at the Isuzu VehiCross for the same reasons I’d go for a Jeep. They’re cheap, easy enough to work on, comfortable enough, but moreover they’re very capable little trucks.

Don’t buy a 4WD, buy an AWD. 4WD is marketing bs.

The seats in my WJ were like leather armchairs. So comfortable.

Not sure about the 2.5 motor however, the 4.0 is pretty much indestructible - in the Grand Cherokee the V8 actually got better fuel economy and obviously had more power.

New Jeeps are trash (like the rest of Fiat-Chrysler). Pretty underwhelming in most regards. Old Jeeps are fine, but can be pricey to obtain.

Subarus are decent if you want something on the smaller size. If buying used I’d suggest skipping anything with a turbo. And don’t get a hybrid new or used.

Audis with their Quattro system are good, but repairs can be pretty expensive.

If you want a land dreadnought a Toyota Sequoia is pretty good. Parts are pretty reasonably priced and they’re reliable.

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Suzuki VehiCROSS

I can’t take you seriously. There is a distinct difference between the two and it’s not that hard to understand.

Very interesting! I’ll start keeping a closer eye on these.

People say this, but the overall reliability is much higher than anything from 15 years ago. The new Jeeps certainly aren’t as rugged, but I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re trash.

I’ve been down the Subaru path with an '05 Outback XT. Great car for college, that was, and I loved the turbo! Persnickety engine though. I’ll look through the Quattro lineup, but I can imagine getting into a spot where in paying as much for repairs by the end of year 2 as I did for a car in the first place.

Toyota is interesting because all their SUVs are body-on-frame, but they’re not particularly interesting or fun so far as I can tell.

Haha, see my post above! I’ve been watching a few very closely. They’re atop my list if I can find one for the right price. Such an odd little truck, but certainly a capable and good one.

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you get the Most Baseless Claim I’ve Seen Today Award.


Nah u see 4WD is more like traction control on 2 wheels whereas AWD is constant drive.

Couple of my brothers have TJs, both with 2.5s and both with well over 140k. From what I’ve seen a properly maintained 2.5 will always run great. They won’t get you above 70 on the highway though.

I don’t like the JKs. The 3.6 Pentastar they’ve used from 2012 on is definitely a better engine than the 3.8, but I’d still rather the 4.0 straight six than a V6.

knowing this little about cars


Rather than uselessly shitposting, here’s the difference:



could we stop shitposting after this one

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This is just debating not shitposting, but I admit I didn’t back my comments thorougly 'cause I’m drunk and on my phone, so excuse my brevity


Has the option for PART TIME awd, with a button to turn it on full time. Can be had for pretty cheap considering what you’re getting because suzuki left the USDM. Its heavy and ugly and doesnt get the greatest mileage but it ticks all your boxes.

The TJ is the last Wrangler I’d consider too, not keen on the JK either. The 3-door looks okay but the 5-door no way. imo

I’d actually quite like a TJ with the 4.0 and 5spd manual for just a fun summer car with the canvas roof etc. Wouldn’t have any time to use it right enough though!

Those two reasons are the primary cause of any lack of proper discussion from me.